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Create your own header and footer, so the design of your campaigns is the same every time.

Edit header/footer

In order to design your own header and footer, you should in the menu choose “Email campaigns”, “Create campaigns”. When you for the first time create a campaign, you will see an MarketingPlatform header and footer. You can change these to your own design either by clicking on the green “Edit header”/”Edit footer” button or by going to the header or footer tab.

Your header/footer via the builder or via the header and footer tabs

Add new header/footer

There are a number of headers and footers as a default. You can customize these with your texts and images, or you can create a new, empty header by clicking on “Add new header”/”Add new footer”. Headers and footers are made of grids and content elements, in the exact same way you build a campaign.

For every header/footer, it is possible to name them, delete them or select them for that campaign. You can also choose which header/footer should be used as default each time you create a new campaign.

Select your header, give name, delete or define which you will use as a default

Watch the video here, that explains how to make your own header and footer

March 2019


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