Creative Email Marketing Campaigns

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A screenshot of the MarketingPlatform's email campaign builder and an example of a created newsletter for

Drag and Drop Editor

With our “drag and drop editor”, everyone can create beautiful and responsive newsletters that can be viewed and read perfectly on any device; PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Email campaigns are easily constructed so that they follow your company’s brand guidelines such as logos, fonts and colors. These are easily uploaded from your company’s website, with our smart “wizard”.

Email templates can be easily “locked” so that others with access to the system cannot change the design settings. This avoids any mistakes being made and marketing can always be sure that design guidelines are followed, no matter who sends the emails.

A graphical illustration of MarketingPlatform's feeds feature that allows sending automated email campaigns with automatically generated content from other sites.


The Feeds function allows you to send automatic emails filled with relevant content from your website or web store, Facebook, Instagram, financial system or a completely different feed.
With external content, the system dynamically reads RSS, XML, Facebook and Instagram feeds.
They are automatically added to your campaign tailored to your company’s branding strategy.

Personalization and Segmentation

MarketingPlatform is a combined solution for email and SMS marketing as well as marketing automation that makes it possible to engage the recipients in a real dialogue across channels. You can create segments in a few minutes, download content segmented into the content or adapt the content to previous behavior.

Or you can set up more advanced flows that adapt to the individual contact’s habits and patterns. The segmentation can be based on behavior, information provided by the recipients or information registered without the recipient’s knowledge.

An abstract graphic illustration shows how an email reaches the right person illustrating MarketingPlatform's personalization and segmentation features.
An abstract graphic illustration shows forms used on landing pages as a MarketingPlatform's feature.


With MarketingPlatform, you can easily set up forms on your website. Forms can be set up as single or multi-step forms, so you choose how much information you want and how many fields the customer should see at once. 

They can be made as advanced as you wish and are used for everything from simple forms to collecting email addresses, to registration forms and applications for the company’s customer clubs. 

Abandoned cart

With the lost shopping cart function, the contents of a shopping cart can be sent out automatically with MarketingPlatform. We can also see which products have been taken out of the basket, whether the order was completed or left behind, and automatically create campaign flows by email and SMS. Alternatively, campaigns can be broadcast manually.

An email sent was received on a mobile phone as a result of an abandoned cart on an ecommerce website.

More Features for Joy and Benefit

Every month we develop new features and update the existing ones.
We believe that constant innovation is the way to long-term joint success with our customers and partners.
Our large development team is in constant dialogue with users about new features and improvements.

Dynamic Content icon

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content in newsletters changes based on interests or the recipient’s past behavior. The tool is integrated into Builder, making it easy to create multiple variations of the same campaign. Dynamic content is basically a segmentation where the recipients can receive vastly different versions of the same campaign. Dynamic content can also be combined with the Feeds function.

Delivery Safety icon

Delivery Safety

We make demands on which customers can broadcast through MarketingPlatform so spammers with questionable messages, or senders with purchased lists, are not welcome. This means that we can deliver your messages to the recipients’ inboxes. Welcome to a reputable company.

Images icon

Millions of Free Images and Icons

The quality of the graphic expression in your campaigns is crucial to whether the recipients respond. With MarketingPlatform, all customers have included access to over 2 million professional images and approximately 200,000 icons. All images and icons are of course integrated in our Builder, categorized and made fully searchable.

SMS icon


With mail2sms, your other systems can send SMS messages through MarketingPlatform. For example: booking confirmations, take-away notifications are ready, or utilities that send out alert messages. It is easy to integrate ERP, CMS, CRM, Webshop or another system.

SMS marketing icon

SMS Marketing

MarketingPlatform combines SMS and email marketing on the same platform.

You can use information from your contacts’ profile in your SMS. SMS can also be used in your customer journey flows, just as your other systems can send SMS messages through MarketingPlatform. For example: booking confirmations, take-away notifications, or utilities sending alert messages.

It’s easy to integrate ERP, CMS, CRM, Webshop or any other system.

Intelligent SMS Marketing icon

Intelligent SMS Marketing

MarketingPlatform combines SMS and email marketing on the same platform. After registration, SMS messages can be sent easily and quickly to your contacts and they can unsubscribe at any time with just a single click. You can use information from your contacts’ profile in your SMS. And SMS can also be used in your customer-journey flows.

Split Testing icon

Split Testing

Split tests allow you to try out different campaigns for a selected group of a contact list or segment. This way, depending on your success criteria, you ensure the best campaign is sent out to the rest of your recipients. Who wins: campaign A, B or C? Submit the winning campaign to the rest of your list automatically.

Social Sharing icon

Social Sharing

Sharing a newsletter on social media is easy. MarketingPlatform supports sharing on all the well-known social media platforms. The recipient of a newsletter can, with just a few clicks, post the newsletter on their own profile. As a sender, you can link MarketingPlatform with your company’s Facebook or Twitter profile.