Abandoned Cart Triggers

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To set up an abandoned cart trigger, you need to have Tracking set up.

Read more about Tracking Setup here.

Create your content

First, you go to Email Campaigns and create the campaign you want to send in your abandoned cart trigger. In the menu to the right, at the very bottom, you will have a content option called Tracking. This tracking feed will make sure that the products your contacts have abandoned in the cart in your webshop will be merged into the campaign when it is sent out. This tracking feed must be in the campaign in order for you to create an abandoned cart trigger in MarketingPlatform.

Drag this into your campaign – you do not need to choose a grid first.

The system will now build the content for you via a tracking feed that was created when you set up tracking. You can now edit this content and design the campaign as you wish. By default, the product title, price and image are selected.

Define which tag is a link and choose whether you want links on all content or only on some of the elements.

Consider building a regular grid above the tracking feed. Here you can, for example, write why the campaign has been sent, how long the cart has been saved or some other relevant information.

Save the campaign when you are satisfied with the content.

Read more about how to build a campaign with feeds here.

Set up your trigger

In the menu on the left, go to Automated Flows and select Triggers.

Click on Create Trigger.

Name your trigger.

In the next step, select Send Campaign and then select the campaign you have just created for this purpose.

Now you need to choose which action should trigger the campaign to be sent and here you choose Based on tracking abandoned cart. Now you need to select your list and you need to choose when your campaign should be sent.

Finally, you can check that the sender information is correct – it is taken from your list settings.

Save by pressing either Save and Activate or simply Save. If you only press Save, you can subsequently activate your trigger by clicking on the red cross on the specific trigger in the overview.

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