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MarketingPlatform was founded in 2011 and in 2021, we became part of LINK Mobility Group.

We believe that “people are the heart of our software”, and that together, exceptional service and constant innovation are the foundations for creating a long-term and mutually beneficial co-operation with our customers and partners. Our features are really easy to use but can do just as much as other more expensive solutions you may find on the market.

Sign up for our free trial and get a taste of true passion combined with great expertise. We’re here to help your business, whether you just need send out standard newsletters – or require an enterprise solution equipped with the latest in marketing automation functionality. It won’t cost you a penny – it’s our investment in creating happy and satisfied customers.

Feel free to call us on +45 72 44 44 44, or send us a mail, and you can get started using our platform right away.

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Heidi Marcussen

VP, Customer Support and Onboarding


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We say that “people are the heart of our platform” and by that, we mean you, the customer, your audience, and all of us here at MarketingPlatform.
Reach out to our Customer Service team and see that people-service commitment in action.



Andreas Sander

+45 25 94 44 56


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Your business should always come to exactly the right buying decision for your specific needs. At it’s most basic, we believe that the sales process is fundamentally about education, and fully understanding your story and how our platform can help you tell it. As a result, our friendly sales team is always on hand to help you make sure that every step of the journey you will take towards that buying decision is fully informed and supported.


Guillaume Van Gaver

Chairman of the Board
CEO Link Mobility Group

Mia Markussen

Mia Markussen

Managing Director


Nebojsa Angelov


Marketing & Communications


Bo Ekkelund

VP Brand & Marketing



Kia Maria Davidsen

Finance Manager & DPO

Platform Innovation & Development


Erik Madsen



Nebojsa Angelov



Toni Trajkovski



Viktor Peshevski

VP Development