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If you would like to see your contacts, there are several ways to find your contacts. You can either go under “Contacts” – “View contact” to get the overview of your contacts. At the top of the page you will be able to see how many contacts you have in total on your account, as well as how many of these are active. You can also go under “Contact lists” – “View contact lists” and see the contacts that are tied to that list. You can also search a specific contact if you want to see what data you have of that person. Read more here about how to search for a contact

When you find a specific contact in one of these ways, you can see different information – “Contact Details”, “Contact fields” and “Event log”.

A screenshot from the interface of MarketingPlatform, picturing the instructions for Viewing Profile Details.See the information you have on the contact

Contact details

Under Contact details you will find the primary data on the contact. There is email address and mobile number; whether they are confirmed or not; unsubscribed or active, as well as when they have subscribed and/or unsubscribed. On each contact you will also see MailRating. It is a score for the contact’s activity level. A VIP contact opens everything you send and will interact with your newsletter by, for example, clicking on links, whereas a contact with MailRating as “good” opens most and clicks often. If a contact is defined as “average” or “poor” the activity is limited. You can use MailRating for the segmented sendings, so that you change the bad recipients into good recipients.

“Contact request date” and IP show which date and from which IP the subscription came. “Contact confirm data” and IP refer to date and IP for when the contact has confirmed the subscription. “Subscriber source” shows where the contact came from, for example, your web form, import or via the API.

Contact fields on selected lists

On the right side, you will see the contact fields that are tied to the list and the data that you have on the contact such as, for example, first name, postal code, interest, shoe size etc.

Event log

The Event log gives you an overview of what of campaigns, autoresponders/triggers and SMS you have sent to the contact. Here you will also be able to see which campaigns the contact has opened and whether the contact has clicked on the links. If you want to see which links the contact has clicked on, you will find it in the statistics.

A screenshot from the interface of MarketingPlatform, picturing the instructions for Viewing Profile Details.See what you have sent to the contact and see whether he/she has opened or clicked. 

Export info

If you need it, you can, at any time, export the individual contact. At the top right of the View contact page, there is a button “Export info”. Here you can easily and quickly download the contact in question to either excel or xml.

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