Reporting tools and Statistics

The reporting tools within Statistics are the most important tools for your business, because they help you optimize your future campaigns. We have optimized the reports in order for you to learn and get the best from your already sent campaigns.

MarketingPlatform can also automatically enrich your recipients profiles from their behaviour. The enriched behaviour can be used for new segments, new automated campaigns or it can be a combination of manual and automated actions.

What statistics show

The statistics feature explains data about the individual campaign. It gives a detailed picture of the campaign’s performance – how many have opened it, who they are and when they have opened a campaign. It also tells what each recipient has clicked on and when it happened.

Additionally, the information about the recipients device is reported as well as whether the email is viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The data also show an open rate, click rate and click-through rate, as well as a number of unique values ​​that have been cleaned for multiple actions from the same person – for example, if the email has been opened several times by the same recipient.

Insight into the habits of the recipients

The recipients are your companys most important asset. There are often similarities between your customers and recipients. Therefore, insight into the habits of the recipients is extremely valuable.

MarketingPlatform collects the complete behaviour data when a recipient opens and clicks on your newsletters. In addition, the system also detects the device that the recipient uses – if it is a smartphone (and which operating system it is, for example, Android or iOS), a tablet or a computer. The operating system and version number are collected for all devices.

Moreover, we read the geography of your recipients. Each time the recipient clicks on a link in a campaign, we update the geography. In most countries, the accuracy is excellent and down to the city level. MarketingPlatform saves the country, region and city of 90% of the world countries (and all European countries).

It is possible to put together the recipients of future campaigns, based solely on their behaviour in previous campaigns. For example, anyone who clicked on jeans last week will receive deals on belts this week.

The Update Profile function makes Statistics a very useful reporting tool

The actual statistics in MarketingPlatform is tied to the individual campaign. However, by enriching all, or a sample of links in a campaign, with the Update Profile feature, the statistics change its character to an enriching reporting tool.

Specifically, the recipients contact card is updated based on their actions. The gained knowledge can be used for future broadcasts. In addition, a rating is built, which can be used to sort content with Relevant Content feature.

In addition to Update Profile feature, Triggers and Autoresponders can respond to the recipients behaviour in a campaign and apply this to automated flows.

For example, a flow can be based on an action – when a recipient opens a specific campaign.

Read the descriptions of Update Profile, Segments, Relevant Content, Autoresponders and Triggers for more information.