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By using the search bar at the top right, you can quickly find a contact. You just need to insert email address, mobile number or Subscriber ID, and we quickly find the contact. It is of course logical to search for an email address or mobile number. If you use Google Analytics, then you know that you are referring to your subscribers by using Subscriber ID, and you can of course also search with Subscriber ID. It is also through this search box that you can find your GDPR deleted contacts. Read more about how MarketingPlatform complies with GDPR. 

Once we have found the results of your search, you will see different information on the contact list. You can, for example, see which list(s) you can find the contact on, when the contact is added on the list(s), and whether the contact is active, confirmed or unconfirmed. On the far right side you can click View and get more information about the contact – e.g. which campaigns are sent to the contact, if there is open or clicked, and general contact data that you have about the contact. You can edit the contact’s information as well as GDPR delete the contact if requested.

Søg kontakterType or copy an email address, mobile number or other ID into the search box to find a specific contact. 

Make a general search

If you want to make a general search, for example anyone who has “white wine” in any contact field, you just need to remove the check mark to include contact fields in the search.

En generel søgnign
This is how a search result looks.

Video guide about searching for contacts

We go in depth with what options you have in order to search in your contacts.

March 2019

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