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You can insert both social share options and social links in your campaigns. Social links are the ones you will often use in your footer, and they will link to your business page, on, for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Social share is used to allow your contacts to share the newsletter on their social media profiles.

A screenshot from the interface of MarketingPlatform, picturing the instructions to use options for Social Share and Social Links.

Social Links and Social Share

The feature behind links and share looks the same, and you have the same options to choose from in both features.

You often use social links in your footer, so your contacts can follow your different pages and profiles. For example, go to your footer section and insert the grid that you want to use. After that, choose social links and drag them over into your grid. The menu on the right now changes, and you will see different settings for social links. For example, you can choose:

Select type: Choose whether the icon should be round or squared
Select size: Choose how big the icon should appear
Select icon: Choose which social media you would like to insert. Click add if you have chosen other than Facebook.

You can then define the position of the icons – left align, right align or center align. Below you can choose the order of your icons – maybe you want the most important icon to be the first in line or in the middle. You may also need only one icon, and not three that are used by default. If that is the case, delete the icons that you do not need. Here you can also insert your own link, when you click on a small chain icon.

Top and right spacing help you to create a distance from other icons. For this, you can also use padding as you know from all other elements.

August 2019

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