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Import contacts

If you have a new contact list, or need to update your existing list, you can use our import feature. You will find “Import contacts” under “Contacts” in the menu on the left. Before you start to import, it is important that you have created a contact list with the contact fields that should be used.

First, select to which list the contacts should be imported to. Aften that, you can either drag and drop your import file or click to upload the file. We recommend that you import a CSV file, but you can also use an XML, XLS or TXT file.

You should now define whether you contacts are confirmed or unconfirmed, as well as what type of import you want to make.

Import your contacts easily and quickly

Import options

If you choose “Yes, overwrite existing contact details”, you choose to replace the information you already have about your contacts in the system with the data you have in your import file. There are 2 options here: You can either overwrite with empty data or you can merge existing data with new data. You can also choose to only update existing contacts on your list – and not import the new contacts you have in your import file.

At the very end you should choose whether the contacts should be added to your flow of automated emails.

It is important that you map your columns, so that we know to which field in the system you want to import the data. When you upload your import file, you will see a section of the top contacts in your file. You must give each column a title. You can import all kinds of contact data.


See in the video below how to easily import your contacts

March 2019

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