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When you login to your MarketingPlatform account, you are on the dashboard. You will see the main menu on the left side.


You will find information about SPF and DKIM at the top of the dashboard. Here you will see if they are correctly set up or not. If SPF and DKIM are not correctly set up, there will be a red icon at the top and you will be asked to set it up correctly as soon as possible. You will get the relevant info when you click on info next to SPF and DKIM respectively.

This is how it looks when SPF and DKIM are correctly set up on your account. 

In doubt what SPF and DKIM actually is? Read more here.
In doubt on how to set up SPF and DKIM? Read our guide here.

Further down on the dashboard, you will get an overview of your last 5 campaigns, list growth, device usage stats etc.


On the left, you will find the main menu, which you can minimize or maximize as needed. The menu is built up in the order you need it. For example, you must always first set up your contact list and manage your contact data before you can start creating segments and campaigns.

August 2019

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