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Create and send SMS campaigns

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You can easily and quickly create and send your SMS directly inside the MarketingPlatform. SMS are a powerful communication channel to use, as up to 95% of people read their SMS within five minutes.

Create SMS

In order to create an SMS, click on the tab SMS Campaigns – Create campaign. Here you define the campaign name, sender name as well as the content of the campaign. The sender name is limited to 11 characters, as that is what can be shown with reception. As you write the content of the campaign, you will see that the number of the characters is counted down. This is to give you an indication of how long your SMS is and how many credits you will use in sending. An SMS consists of 160 characters; if you exceed that, you will use two SMS credits to send your SMS. Your recipient will receive one long SMS.

You can add the same contact fields in an SMS as you do in your email campaigns. You choose them on the right side. Finally, you choose whether or not to include an unsubscribe link. We have added that by default.

smskampagneSetup of SMS campaign 

Save and send

When you save your campaign, you get into the list of your created SMS campaigns. From here you can choose to send, edit or delete campaign. As with email campaigns, you can choose to schedule sending to a specific date and time.

Watch the video about how to create SMS campaigns below:

19th of March 2019

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