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If you would like to know more about your contacts, for example, what they like to read about or what are they interested in, you can create a field that we here call a field of interest. It could be that you want to know whether your contacts drink red, white or rosé wine; if they want to read about politics, science or cooking. A field of interest can be used in right ways in MarketingPlatform. We will explain here how to create the field. How to use it in, for example, modify forms, along with update contact fields or in triggers, you can read about in other articles.

Create a Field of Interest

When you need to create your interests field, you need to go in the menu Contact fields – Add contact fields. You give your field a name, interest, category, profile, or whatever it fits with your setup. Then you define on which list the field is to be used.

A screenshot from the interface of MarketingPlatform, picturing the instructions to Create a Field of Interest.Create an interests field via a checkbox field

On the right hand side, you need to choose what type of field you want to use. In this case, there are three options:

  • Dropdown: The Dropdown menu allows the contact to choose one value in the range of options.
  • Checkboxes: Here the contacts can choose several values.
  • Radio buttons: Radio buttons are often used for yes/no questions. The contact can only choose one value.

For an interests field, it is often best to use a checkbox field. It gives the contact an option to select several values.

Once you have defined which type of field you want to use, you can, at the bottom of the page, enter the values, or answer options that you contacts should choose from.


You can see in the video how to create your interests field.

March 2019

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