Weboil doubles revenue after switching to MarketingPlatform

This is how the company Industri Kemi is using deep data with purchase information from their ScanNet-hosted weboil.dk webshop in MarketingPlatform – and is seeing fantastic results as a consequence:

  • Our mail opening rate increased from 44% to 67.5%
  • CTR for shopping from mail has increased from 3.8% to 9.88%
  • The traffic on the shop on the day we sent the campaign resulted in an increase of 450% – previous traffic increases were 50%
  • In only 5 days, the campaign has resulted in a level of trade we would normally turn over in 16 days
  • Total campaign revenue is similar to what the store normally generates in 14 days

This is how Emil Siggaard, marketing manager at Industri Kemi / weboil.dk described ,in an email to us at MarketingPlatform, the immediate effect of their change from MailChimp to MarketingPlatform.


Private sales of oil and fuel additives

On a daily basis, Industri Kemi sells oil and fuel additives on their webshop www.weboil.dk and is in fierce competition with large construction markets, retail chains and online stores belonging to the heavyweights in Denmark.

“In February 2020, we sent our first combined SMS and email campaign with a discount code to test the impact of the added SMS feature to our recipients. It became by far our best campaign to date, giving us a huge confidence boost that makes us believe even more in the development of our company – solely based on private customers ”.

In the past, Industri Kemi had to generate a not insignificant part of their revenue through sales to very large customers, so-called B2B sales – where one company trades with another company, in turn then selling these goods to their end customers. By cutting links off the chain, a company can achieve a completely different revenue on their products.

Emil Siggard, Marketing Manager, Industri Kemi / weboil.dk

“The traffic on the shop on the day we sent the campaign equates to an increase of 450% – previously we saw an increase in traffic of only 50%”.

Customer success is our driving force

“We are no better than the results we can generate with our customers,” says Kim Østergaard, founder of MarketingPlatform. “The ability to deliver newsletters depends on a variety of factors. Among other things, we evaluate very carefully which companies can become our customers”.

The combination of a large number of rules and algorithms that optimise delivery, as well as serious senders, and of course the right technical setup, is the recipe for successful delivery to the end-user’s inbox. “Today, spam filters are divided into two classes. There are the smart ones with Gmail at the forefront, followed by Outlook and Cloudmark. And then there are all the others who distribute literally anything and everything (read: inbox or spam delivery)” ,concludes Kim Østergaard.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, looking at the number of orders. It’s surreal. We have hardly been able to keep up – and are ready to become even better at using the opportunities available to us in MarketingPlatform”, says Søren Siggaard with a big smile on his lips.

The new marketing initiatives with MarketingPlatform have already doubled month on month sales for Industri Kemi.