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Sportscenter Denmark integrates knowledge about their members in MarketingPlatform

Denmark’s 3rd largest Sports Center is located in Vejen and is known locally as Vejen Sports Center, and when national events are to be held there, as Sportscenter Denmark.

5 sports halls, foam pits and other facilities, including meeting rooms, a gym, paddle courts, squash courts, an athletics stadium, football fields, swimming pools with wellness facilities and much more – all go to make up Sportscenter Denmark. With more than 30,000 square meters under roof, the sports center is among Denmark’s largest.

In addition to all the above facilities, there is also a hotel, and cultural and conference halls, a professional football stadium with lounge area, a campsite and motel accommodation options.

“Can’t you help us gather information from the booking system and other systems, so that we have one overall picture of all our members and stakeholders,” the CEO Jakob Sander asked one day, coming as a comment in the middle of a conversation about their latest expansion – the large wellness area associated with the swimming pool. The sports center is located in the same city as MarketingPlatform’s Danish headquarters. “The importance of the sports center for the city, for Vejen, is enormous and unparalleled,” says Kim Østergaard, founder of MarketingPlatform. “It is the gathering place for the people of Vejen, where the lights are never switched off, and the ongoing benefit for both the physical and mental health of the population cannot be overstated.”

A photo of Jakob Sander, a Director at Sportscenter Denmark - a MarketingPlatform's customer.

Jakob Sander, Director, Sports Center Denmark

“The data from our booking system is transferred via an integration or manual import to MarketingPlatform. From there we have a number of flows that follow different behaviours.”

Flows based on behaviour

For Sportscenter Denmark, automatic flows are also extremely important in maintaining customer loyalty, especially in reminding customers of the opportunities available to them if data shows a change in their use of Sportscenter Denmark’s offerings.

“The data from our booking system is transferred via an integration or manual import to MarketingPlatform. From there we have a number of flows that follow up on different behaviours,” Jakob Sander explains.

“The future of marketing is just-in-time communication. Flows that are based on a desirable behaviour, or indeed the opposite, that triggers a further response in the right channel. That’s the essence of MarketingPlatform in a nutshell,” concludes Kim Østergaard.


All the other messages

In addition to automatic flows, Sportscenter Denmark also sends out a host of promotions to their normal contacts and for special occasions and high-volume attendance events held at the center.

Located more or less in the middle of Denmark, with a large number of indoor and outdoor facilities, the center is used for many major national and international sporting events. Most sports events are at a more grassroots level but also some elite events find their way to Vejen.