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Startup advising, help with tidying up of data and import, training and integration.

Each morning, hundreds of thousands of Danes receive their personal horoscope from has for more than 10 years delivered daily horoscopes and individual horoscopes to Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region. is Denmark’s largest provider of personal horoscopes and astrology services. The company has existed for more than 10 years, and all the years it is Morten Dam, who has owned and managed the company.

A newsletter screenshot of an email marketing campaign of of - a MarketingPlatform's customer.
Morten had sent newsletters from an internal system for a long time, but he realised that running his own system for sending newsletters was a big challenge.

“We used to experience problems with emails that did not reach their destination.’’, says Morten. This is a completely classical issue, often due to the fact that the internal systems do not listen to the response of the mail servers, which receive email on behalf of the recipients.

The MarketingPlatform engine actively listens to the response, such as for instance Hotmail sends, if an email address is not found, has not been in use for an extended period, can not accommodate more mails – and 45 other different types of “bounces”.

Besides the help we got with the system, I was very positively surprised by the advice and feedback the people at MarketingPlatform gave us”, continues Morten Dam from

The other half of a good delivery ability is the right advice. The right advice usually goes against our financial interests in the short term, but we call it an investment in a long and good customer relationship. By helping customers to get started with cleaning of their mailing lists and creating segments – most customers experience significantly improved results, concludes Kim Østergaard, who founded MarketingPlatform.

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