Discover 10 real-world use cases for growth with MarketingPlatform. Explore success stories and effective strategies for SaaS. Learn how MarketingPlatform enhances SaaS performance from lead generation to sales conversion. The secrets to getting more leads are hidden in this blog.


Collecting Permission for Marketing

Get marketing permissions through gated content and popup builders. For instance, integrate a popup builder like Sleeknote with MarketingPlatform.

1. Begin by crafting valuable gated content that resonates with your target audience. Use content such as white papers and eBooks.

2. Put in place an integration to control the timing and manner in which pop-ups appear. Ensure they effectively capture visitors’ attention. See an example in the image below.

Use case Screenshot of MarketingPlatform's website showing the pop-up that offers a free ebook.

3. Encourage visitors to share their contact information. Offer exclusive content in exchange for their participation. Use this data to engage with your audience via MarketingPlatform. It’s a practical use case of enhancing user engagement. Hence delivering newsletters and pertinent information following the delivery of promised content.

4. Establish automated email flows to tailor the brand experience to each individual. Thus, enhancing engagement and retention. An example of MarketingPlatform’s automation flow is shown in the image below. It automatically moves the subscribers to a newsletter list.

A flow builder screenshot from MarketingPlatform showing how the pop-up automation is set.

5. Clearly communicate to visitors that signing up implies consent to receive marketing emails. Ensure visitors understand this before signing up. Use checkboxes or brief explanations to prevent unwanted spam.

6. Concentrate on reaching the appropriate audience to foster a mutually beneficial relationship. This method facilitates obtaining marketing permissions. Also, it adds value to your audience’s experience.


From Trial to Newsletter Subscription

Converting trial users into newsletter subscribers is vital for maximizing lead value. In the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry purchasing decisions often take time. Thus nurturing these leads during trials is essential. Personalized campaigns tailored to trial users enhance engagement and increase conversion chances. Seamlessly integrating trial users into your subscriber list ensures ongoing communication. Which is another crucial use case for SaaS growth.

A flow builder screenshot from MarketingPlatform showing how the automation works coping profiles to a newsletter subscriber list.

MarketingPlatform’s automation streamlines this process, guiding leads toward becoming loyal subscribers and customers. For example, you can send targeted emails. These emails can offer valuable insights related to your SaaS product. Personalized elements, like the user’s name, further enhance campaign effectiveness.

Leveraging targeted campaigns and MarketingPlatform’s automation converts trial users into engaged subscribers. Thus fostering long-term engagement and eventual conversion.

Screenshot of MarketingPlatform's trial request page.

Newsletter & Content Marketing

Broaden your audience reach by sharing engaging email newsletters and compelling content. This fundamental email marketing tactic is made effortless with MarketingPlatform’s Campaign Builder.

Utilizeits intuitive drag-and-drop editor. So, you can easily create visually appealing email marketing campaigns. All that without the need for any programming expertise. Design your newsletters in a user-friendly manner. This approach helps establish a strong connection with your audience. Additionally, it effectively delivers your content marketing message.


Newsletter example

Consider a software company specializing in marketing automation tools. You could create a newsletter highlighting product updates and offering exclusive access to new features. Additionally, consider sharing expert insights on optimizing communication strategies within your newsletter. By providing valuable content alongside promotional offers, you engage your audience effectively. This strategy also helps build trust and loyalty. Thus ultimately driving software adoption and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Newsletter examples from MarketingPlatform.

Segmented Email Campaigns

Segmented email campaigns involve dividing your email list into smaller segments. They are based on specific criteria such as:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Purchase history
  • Past behavior

Send targeted and relevant emails to each segment. Thus, you will get more out of your newsletter efforts. This helps to better resonate with the preferences and needs of your audience. You could create separate segments based on certain factors.

Examples of segmented groups could include:

  • New subscribers
  • New customers
  • Loyal customers
  • Churned customers

Each segment allows tailored messaging and content to cater to their unique needs and preferences. Segmenting your email newsletter campaigns is a practical use case. It allows delivery of relevant content and increases engagement.


Gather Feedback from your Customers

Gain valuable insights by directly asking for feedback from your customer base. Understanding your customers is key to a personalized approach to their needs. MarketingPlatform is an excellent tool for sending questionnaires to your customer list. Distribute them via email, SMS, or app notifications for largest reach and engagement.

Examples of emails send from MarketingPlatform to gather customers' feedback.

Information Push for Customers

Maintain customer satisfaction and involvement through timely updates and announcements.

Use MarketingPlatform to keep customers informed about platform availability during maintenance. Also, notify them of significant legal changes. Effective communication is paramount for success. So prioritize keeping customers well-informed and engaged with your company.

Examples of emails send from MarketingPlatform to push Information to Customers.

Promote Events to Customers & Permissions

Promoting events to customers is easy with MarketingPlatform. You can send personalized invitations to your customers. Thus, inviting them to workshops or webinars. Using MarketingPlatform, you can reach out to your audience effectively. This is another effective use case.

Hence make sure they know about your events. This helps to increase attendance and engagement, making your events more successful.

You can also use MarketingPlatform to manage permissions. This way you ensure that you only send invitations to those who want to receive them. All things considered, MarketingPlatform is a great tool for promoting events.

Examples of an email sent from MarketingPlatform to Promote Events to Customers & Permissions.

New Customer Onboarding Flows

Elevate your customer onboarding process by delivering exceptional experiences through customized flows. Automate this process to streamline operations. Thus, save valuable time and resources. Instead, that would be spent on repetitive email communications.

Set up automated flow With MarketingPlatform. Thus, seamlessly guide new customers through the learning curve of your software. Provide a step-by-step guide over a specified period. For instance, explain a new feature each month. This empowers clients to learn and master each aspect thoroughly before progressing further.

This tailored approach enhances customer satisfaction. Additinally ensures they maximize the benefits of your software efficiently.

Examples of Onboarding Flows sent by MarketingPlatform to New Customers.

Put the Focus on Products & Services

Maximize your sales potential by effectively showcasing your products and services. Use email as a dynamic content platform to promote your offerings. Enhance your message by incorporating engaging visuals. Try images, animations, and videos alongside compelling text.

Capitalize on the high open rates of SMS. Leverage it to send concise yet impactful messages containing product links. By employing these multi-channel strategies, you can significantly boost conversions and sales. Additionally, you can effectively engage your audience across various platforms. Thus, making it a versatile use case for increasing sales.

Examples of emails sent from MarketingPlatform to promote Products & Services.

Internal Mass Communication

Ensure your team stays aligned and informed by streamlining internal communication processes. As the company grows, communication can become more challenging. Use MarketingPlatform to bridge this gap and keep your staff informed.

Companies often send newsletters or letters from CEOs to employees via email. You can also distribute reports, important news, and updates directly to their inbox. All that with just a few clicks.

Example of email sent from MarketingPlatform for Internal Mass Communication.

Harnessing MarketingPlatform’s Versatility: Comprehensive Use Cases

MarketingPlatform offers flexible solutions for SaaS success. It drives growth from newsletter sharing to converting trial users. By gathering feedback, keeping customers informed, and improving internal communication, it strengthens connections.

It promotes events, streamlines onboarding, and highlights products. With MarketingPlatform, businesses can unlock opportunities and elevate performance.

Explore its potential today for enhanced growth and success through various use cases. .

Discover the many ways MarketingPlatform can enhance your marketing strategies. Sign up for a free 14-day trial. Thus, receive help from our local support team to optimize the platform for your needs. Unlock its full email potential with us.


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Author: Antonio Velinov, Marketing Executive at MarketingPlatform