In this article we look at a series of questions that help you understand all things MarketingPlatform (SaaS). And, why MarketingPlatform should be on top of your list of preferred SaaS (software as a service) providers. 

When choosing which marketing platform is right for you, it is not just about the functionality and user-friendliness of the product. The company behind it is equally important too.  

On the other hand, the functionality and user-friendliness of the product can determine the success of your goals and campaigns.

What is MarketingPlatform (SaaS)?

MarketingPlatform (SaaS) is a user-friendly and advanced email/SMS marketing automation solution with an omnichannel customer data platform. A place where marketers can gather all their channels in one place. Therefore, reaching customers at the right time, on the right platform and with the right message. Furthermore, executing content with the ability to reach customers everywhere.

What is Marketing Automation and Its Benefits?

As the name suggests, Marketing Automation is all about the automation of marketing. Most importantly, marketing automation helps businesses operate more effectively. So, marketers can gather information, track user behavior, and provide more personalized content to their customers. Because of this, marketing automation is the working engine that supports email marketing and helps grow customer engagement. 

In a fast-paced environment managing various manual tasks is quite time consuming. And when these tasks are required to be repeated across various channels, workloads can become extremely hectic. And that is where marketing automation can assist by streamlining processes and freeing up valuable time. So, then the focus can be placed back on creativity and business growth. 

There are many benefits to be gained with marketing automation. Some of these include: 

  • Increase in productivity and revenue. 
  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual processes. 
  • Bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams. 
  • Integration of multiple channels. 
  • Personalized content with segmentations. 
  • Improved lead nurturing and conversion rates. 
  • Saving time.

What is Email Marketing and Its Benefits?

Simply put, email marketing is about sending marketing campaigns via email. But first, to be able to send emails you must have an email list. And building a good email list is no easy feat. But once obtained the true essence of email marketing can be applied.  

Emails can be designed and sent to target specific audiences, at any given time. So, these emails can be tracked to see if, when and how many times they were opened. Therefore, providing you valuable information such as click through rates. In addition, you want your audience to click through to your content, whether it be a website or a Call-to-Action. As a result, this would be one of the main reasons why you would be using email marketing. 

Email marketing is not an expensive tool to use or get started with. But once you do start, there are many great benefits to be gained. These include:

  • Lead generation, nurturing and engagement. 
  • Promoting products and/or services. 
  • Increasing brand awareness. 
  • Driving more web traffic. 
  • Targeting specific audiences. 
  • Measuring the performance of campaigns. 
  • Low-cost investment with high return. 
  • More business. 

Why Choose MarketingPlatform as A Company? 

When it comes to choosing a new provider, a decision cannot be made lightly. Subsequently, there are many factors to consider and explore prior to deciding. However, when the below points have been taken into consideration, the decision to head in the right direction becomes clearer. 

  • The location of data centers is a significant matter, especially for companies based in the EU. If you are a European company, then having your data stored in the EU is vital. MarketingPlatform (SaaS) stores your data adhering to all privacy and regulation policies. 
  • Finding the right company with a loyal and passionate group of people is not easy, but important. Who would not want to work with a group of people who take pride in their work? This is understood, and at MarketingPlatform (SaaS) everyone involved works to ensure customers are beyond satisfied. Customers also have an input to the development of new features, as their feedback is crucial to building and enhancing the platform. 
  • MarketingPlatform (SaaS) is part of LINK Mobility, a publicly listed Norwegian company. With this comes greater exposure and certainty within the marketplace. And a transparent company proud of their product. Being part of a larger team will help in meeting and delivering your marketing goals. 
  • MarketingPlatform (SaaS) has built a reputation by following a strict policy. As a result, they do not accept every customer that comes their way. Customers are selected to uphold the integrity built by MarketingPlatform. Your reputation is on the line as much as theirs is. A bad reputation would have a negative impact on the service delivery of your campaigns. Do you want a bad reputation? I think not!

Why Choose MarketingPlatform (SaaS) Software as A Service Provider? 

Would you not love to deliver the same message on one platform for Email, SMS, Web, App, and social media? Well, with MarketingPlatform you can. And this is just one of many reasons why considering MarketingPlatform as a service provider is a no brainer. And with this in mind, here are some other features to whet your appetite.

  • Drag-and-drop editor: With advanced features such as the campaign builder, you can be as creative as the mind allows you to be. You do not need to understand any programming at all. With the click of a few buttons, you are on your way to creating great looking emails. All designed for easy use with PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): With advanced artificial intelligence you can integrate purchase data and customer actions with your website and/or web-shop. Also, data from previous campaigns. The system then does the work for you; assessing products and offers tailored to each individual customer. 
  • SMS Marketing: Easily integrate SMS into your marketing. MarketingPlatform (SaaS) has combined SMS and email marketing on the same platform. So, the information from your contacts profile in your SMS can be used in your customer-journey flows. For example, in booking confirmations. 
  • Customer Data Platform: Customer data can be merged directly from other platforms to create a unified customer profile view. These platforms include ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CMS (Content Management System). This provides the ability to cross reference various data; purchase history, lead scoring, visited pages, and BI-enriched data. A better understanding of customers leads to making well informed business decisions and more successful campaigns. 
  • Integrations: Integrate via modules, connector, API, and 3rd party programs. Thus, being able to integrate with web-shops, POS systems, prediction, ERP, CRM and CMS.

What To Expect from MarketingPlatform?

Customers have come to love MarketingPlatform (SaaS) for all that it delivers. And having so many products under one umbrella serves as a true omnichannel marketing platform. As a result, with various features, managing your customers and campaigns has never been easier. 

With many advanced features, customers can integrate data from their web-shop and POS (Point of Sale) systems. This enables marketers to target specific segments for greater satisfaction or higher sales. And with an endless number of automated flows, you can control how far to take your campaigns. Just as important, what actions need to be taken and when they need to occur. All of this is designed to look and feel like human interaction, while you are being productive with other tasks. 


Other reasons why customers choose MarketingPlatform (SaaS)

 When issues arise, and let us face it, they will. Would you rather speak to a human being or chatbot? MarketingPlatform provides human support. Personal enough to know that someone cares and understands your issues and challenges. And here, no stone is left unturned when it comes to providing customer service. So, whether you need help in designing, implementing or setting up automations, MarketingPlatform will be there for you. 

  • How about being able to evaluate what your needs are today and for the future? With a highly customizable system such as MarketingPlatform these demands can be met. For instance, being able to evaluate and work with deep data and data from various sources. Thus, providing efficient handling of relevant data.
  • Dynamic content allows you to learn about the actions of your customers, changes in their behavioral patterns. Whereby, enabling you to send targeted messages more strategically. 
  • The Feeds function will allow you to send automated emails. Automated with relevant content from your website, web-shop, social media accounts, financial system, or any feed at all. The external content is dynamically read by RSS, XML, and various social media feeds. And the content is automatically added to your campaigns, while delivering the same message across all platforms. 

What Are the Disadvantages with MarketingPlatform?

Let us be honest, there are not a lot of disadvantages. Other than that, not anyone and everyone can become a customer. Why? Because MarketingPlatform (SaaS) has built a reputation. And that reputation is on the line, and so is yours. MarketingPlatform is in it for the long haul. To achieve optimal results and offer a service, second to none, everyone can be proud of. 

MarketingPlatform (SaaS) does not consider customers with less than 2500 contacts. So, if you are a company with less than 2500 contacts, you have some groundwork to do. That is not to say you cannot benefit from MarketingPlatform in the meantime. There are many helpful resources available to you via blogs and newsletters. Offering tips and tricks, so you can gain some insight on how to build and grow your email list. 

Who Is MarketingPlatform (SaaS) For?

Are you using different suppliers for Email and SMS campaigns? Then MarketingPlatform is for you. 

Are you only using Email or SMS for your marketing communications? Then you should consider using both. Why not kill two birds with one stone with MarketingPlatform? 

Are your email marketing campaigns not yielding the desired results? And are your emails being marked as spam? Then MarketingPlatform is the solution for you. 

Does your business have a solid foundation in place, but is stuck and stagnated? And cannot manage to take the next step? Then MarketingPlatform can help you leapfrog your business into first place.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In conclusion, MarketingPlatform can ease the burden for you by becoming your preferred SaaS provider. With firsthand experience, MarketingPlatform will show you the true value it dearly offers. So why not try a 14-day trial period and find out for yourself?

This blog post has also appeared in a MarketingPlatform Newsletter.

Author: Alex Trajcevski