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Create your own contact fields

The vast majority will have a number of special contact fields, and you can of course create them in MarketingPlatform. The advantage of a number field is that, unlike a text field, can be used for calculation. Many will have fields as order number, customer ID and postal code as number fields. If you use a number field for the postal code, it will be possible to use the field in a segment, that counts “All contacts that have a postal code between 6000 and 7100” – a text field will not be able to do so. We are looking at the creation of a number field here.

Add a contact field

In the menu we findContact Fields, then choose Add Fields, and then we are ready to create our contact field. On the right side we choose Numbers Only and we will be able to set up our number field with the values that we need.

Opret nummerfeltAdd a number field


Configure your number filed

After naming our number field, which in fact, in most cases, will be sufficient with setup, we still have a bit more choices if we go underAdvanced.

Nummerfelt - advanced settings
Number field – advanced settings

  • Default Value is what is filled in in advance. If you make a form with this field and put on your website, it will act as a placeholder in the field.
  • Field Length indicates the length of your input field when you include the field in a form on the website.
  • Maximum Length indicates the maximum number of characters that can be written in the field.
  • Minimum Length indicates the minimum number of characters that can be written in the field.

If you combine Minimum Length and Maximum Length you can by postal code only allow 4 characters. This will reduce the risk of import and key errors will be stored on the contact.


Video guide for creating number field

Here we go in depth about the creation of number fields.

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