Lead generation is one of the most vital components in maintaining and growing your business. A highly delicate process in attracting prospect customers, nurturing them and converting them into sales. Whether your business is service or product based, or B2B or B2C lead generation will keep the wheels in motion.

While generating a lead may seem like an easy process, the biggest obstacle lies in obtaining genuine leads. For it is quality over quantity that matters, which leads to having a good email list. In the world of Marketing Automation, the key factor in obtaining a lead is in the information that is gathered. This information creates the foundation of your email campaigns and subsequent flows.

Here are a few ideas on how to collect leads.


Website Leads

If people are on your website, then they have visited for a reason. So, it would be fair to say, they are already familiar with who you are or what it is you do. Therefore, this would be the perfect opportunity to get them to subscribe.

There are many ways to do this. A pop-up or slide-in on each page is a quick and easy method. You can also have sign up links in the header, footer or ‘about us’ page. Another common method is to use a welcome gate so people sign up before being able to view your content. With this method, you are likely to eliminate non-genuine leads.


Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook has created their Lead Ads campaigns to assist you in identifying potential customers who may be interested in your product or service. There are many benefits in using this service such as; simple data collection, auto filled customer information, mobile responsiveness and understanding your potential customers interests.

These ads appear throughout Facebook; news feed, stories, marketplace etc. including Instagram feed and stories. All leads can then be downloaded directly from the Ads Manager or your Facebook page and connected to your CRM software.


LinkedIn Lead Ads

LinkedIn, like Facebook, has made the collection of data quite simple to obtain. Auto filled information from the potential customer’s profile is populated when they click on your ad. The beauty about LinkedIn is that it allows you to add custom fields, multiple-choice questions and mandatory inputs. This gives you total control on any specific information you may require.

Although LinkedIn is not up to the level of Facebook when it comes to advertising opportunities, they are more suited for B2B marketers.


Endless Lead Generation

Creative options are endless. So, ensure you are giving potential customers a valid reason to sign up. And more importantly keep them engaged and satisfied. Place yourself in their position and ask yourself what would it take for you to provide your personal details? And what would you expect in return?

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Author: Alex Trajcevski