MyPressWire Sends Essential Emails With MarketingPlatform

‘’At my PressWire we have chosen to use MarketingPlatform to send our important journalist mails. It is essential for us that these mails arrive at the recipients’ inboxes – they are the cornerstone of our business’’, says René Hjetting, founder of MyPressWire. MyPressWire is one of Denmark’s oldest publishers of press releases for companies. Every day, they send a large amount of press releases targeted to selected journalists and media in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region. These emails are sent with MarketingPlatform, and the company is referred to as the basis for MyPressWire.

The press releases from MyPressWire are sent through multiple transactional IP addresses at MarketingPlatform. The transactional means that the IP addresses are certified to send out individual messages only. “At these particular IP addresses we have not yet heard of messages that are landed in the SPAM folder,” says Kim Østergaard from MarketingPlatform. Therefore, many companies are using this product for sending value certificates, order confirmations and other important system messages.

MarketingPlatform does not charge extra for these type of sendings, that are often sent in combination with other sendings such as newsletters, order confirmations and the like. MyPressWire uses MarketingPlatform as a type of intelligent SMTP-server.’’It took the customer a few minutes to customize the sendings to our SMTP-servers’’, says Kim Østergaard. All we require from the customer is that they change the name of the SMTP they wish to use. It happens in almost the same way as if you change it in Outlook.

Contact us at, if you would like to hear more about our product for sending important emails from own systems, or call on +45 72 44 44 44 within normal office working hours.