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You can use our API to tell us when something happens in your webshop, order system etc. This could be, for instance, when a Contact opted-in to a newsletter, placed an order, or updated their information. 

Webhooks is for communicating in the reverse direction. When something happens in MarketingPlatform, like an Email Campaign being opened, a Contact unsubscribing and other actions you might find relevant, we can contact your system via a webhook. Where, when and how is totally up to you.

You can set up a webhook by following the guide below:

Setting up a Webhook


Each webhook must be given a name – this is for reference when working with a specific webhook in the platform.

You need to enter the URL which we will contact when the chosen action happens.

You can opt to write a token which we will merge in the HTTP request to access the URL or use Basic Auth to grant access to the URL.

  • Token-based authentication works by ensuring that each request to a server is accompanied by a signed token which the server verifies for authenticity and only then responds to the request.
  • Basic Authentication (Basic Auth) allows users to provide the username and password associated with your HTTP endpoint when setting up a webhook

Only one of either Verification Token or Basic Auth can be used at a time, but one must be included.

Before saving it is advised to test your Connection to see if contact between the systems has been established.

Headers are your way of sending additional information with every message to be read by the receiving end. A maximum of ten headers can be set up per webhook.

Your overview for existing Webhooks


Your overview of existing Webhooks allows you to deactivate and reactivate Webhooks, edit them and so forth.

If you click “Show Logs” you will be able to see the latest sent messages from the system.

This includes a timestamp, payload with information such as Contact and List id and a Response that can either be Sent or Failed.


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