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Omnichannel Marketing

One of the buzzwords you often hear about online marketing is Omnichannel Marketing. But what is it really? Basically, Omnichannel means that you have a strategy to offer the same smooth experience for the customer regardless of channel or device being used. That is, whether the customers interact with your business by visiting your physical address, your website, whether they call you, use your mobile app, visit your social profile, or read your catalog, the experience must be the same for them. In addition, all the channels must support each other. It is a matter of seeing the purchase journey through the eyes of the customer and make sure that it is as smooth and uniform as possible. The buying experience must, so to speak, be tied together in all marketing initiatives, and if the customer changes channel in its contact with your company, the experience must remain in the same way.

Omnichannel Marketing, segmentation and Marketing Automation

Here can Email Marketing and Marketing Automation support your company’s Omnichannel Marketing strategy by providing the perfect customer experience. If you understand your customers well and you are good in collecting data, you will know how to segment the customers and you can therefore ensure that they are hit with the right messages at the right times, so that the experience becomes as uniform as when they encounter your communication on other channels. This is important to give the complete omnichannel experience. The customers must feel that they are in the center, and the strategy must help support that messages are targeted and consistent regardless of the interface.
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The advantage of managing your Omnichannel Marketing strategy is that the customer will ultimately reward you for having a complete and personal experience – and overall, a better customer experience. It will ultimately cause that the customer
  1. Is more likely to rebuy – and perhaps more often and more than before
  2. Is retained and shows increasing loyalty
  3. Is more likely to act as an ambassador for your business and recommend you to others

How to master an Omnichannel Marketing strategy?

There are various disciplines to be mastered in order to succeed with the Omnichannel Marketing strategy.
  1. Identification of the customers regardless of channel
    • Here are the digital media more grateful to work with than the physical world. In the digital world, we can through cookies identify and analyze the visitors and their behaviour. Cookie information can be supported by asking the customers more closely, for example, after the purchase by using a service like SurveyMonkey, or you can make contests, where you will ask for more data. In the physical world, one needs a personal interaction and dialogue in order to get closer to the individual persona. This data can be linked to a customer club. Some of the companies that are internationally the best to put the data together are Apple, Google and Amazon, while in Denmark we can refer to the companies like Matas and Coop to get inspiration.
  2. Use data and insight as the background for the communication
    • As from the above, you must use the collected data to best hit the customer with an experience that must be completely uniform, no matter how the customer is affected by your marketing, or regardless how the customer contacts you. A choice between your advertising efforts on Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is essential, as well as your retargeting and, the last but not least, segmentation in newsletters, in which you, together with marketing automation flows, can ensure a fantastic effect. If you hit with the right messages at the right time with the right products, a sale can almost be experienced as a service for the customer.
  3. Is the customer satisfied?
    • One thing is to bombard customers constantly because they for example, appear on retargeting lists. But are you really aware of whether the customers are satisfied with the messages they receive and how often they are targeted? In principle, this can partly be measured from direct sales and parameters like a quality result in Facebook Ads, but without having a direct dialogue with the customer, it is difficult to reach a real success. What if the customers already have all the products you spam them with, or that they do not even look to see the type of commercial that you have planned in your strategy? When you take action in one channel, how does it affect the other channels and the customer lifetime value (CLV)?
  4. Omnichannel anchoring in the company
    • To get all parts of a company on an overall Omnichannel experience and Omnichannel Marketing strategy is very difficult – and the bigger the company, the greater the challenge. However, it can be done, and those who ensure a vote and targeting internally on all parameters will be the companies that will end up winning. Especially companies with franchise structures can be challenged here, unless one has secured completely uniform lines from the start and through strategies and contracts. There can be conflicts of interest in franchise-based companies that can be difficult to solve and can take many years to overcome.

Email Marketing, segmentation of customer clubs and Marketing Automation is only a very small part of the bigger picture when we talk about Omnichannel Marketing, but special segmentation part can help to lift your business towards the complete customer experience that could only be felt on the bottom line. Customers are being bombarded with advertisements today, and those who manage to target communication as best as possible with personal messages and recommendations will win in the long run.

Although an analysis of the data will perhaps show that your other traffic channels account for the biggest part of the conversions, keep in mind that emails are often the first interaction with the customer in the purchase journey. Therefore, use data as assistant conversions in Google Analytics to assess the overall impact of email marketing in your marketing strategy.

A perfectly segmented email linked with personal components can provide powerful conversions and help complete your Omnichannel experience for customers.

If you are interested in knowing more about the definition of Omnichannel, you can read the Wikipedia interpretation here.

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