Update Profile

With the Update Profile feature the recipients can update their contact cards in MarketingPlatform. The function is a part of Web Forms, which we will fully explain on this page.

Unlike the other features of MarketingPlatform, which aim to send email campaigns and SMS campaigns, the Update Profile feature is a landing page which MarketingPlatform hosts. The landing page, which technically is a web page, is a dynamic page where each recipient sees an individual version.

The page is requested from a sent campaign and leads the recipient directly to a web form that already contains the information that MarketingPlatform knows. You can choose the fields that will be available in the individual form, as well as which fields can not be changed by the recipient.

The security for the recipients

The link on which the recipients click in order to change their data is a longer encrypted link. It consists of 32-characters checksum, information about the contact list and an ID for the update profile form. In other words, it is a very long link, and in practice is impossible for anyone other than the individual recipient to access the form.

In addition to the checksum, the other ID’s must match the list, customer and form permissions.

The connection with a contact list

The recipients profile in MarketingPlatform consists of the fields that you have selected to tie to a contact list. The recipients themselves can maintain (change) these fields with a click from a sent campaign. With our wizard function, you can put together the form and add a design that matches your company’s profile.

It is possible to attach an update profile form to one or more contact lists. It is important to note that the associated fields must match across the contact lists. You can read more about Custom Fields – own fields – here.

Replacement for a questionnaire

Many customers use different types of the form, and use them instead of the questionnaire module. They tie them with, for example, a competition, and make recipients tell more about specific interests, topics or to give feedback.

This way, your data about the recipients, your customers or potential customers will be enriched and much more valuable.

Enriched data can be used for better targeting by using the many built-in tools for the purpose.

Using the collected knowledge

The collected knowledge in the update profile forms can be directly applied to segments and automated flows.

There is no difference in information on a recipient that comes from a registration through a web form, data imported, data coming from the API or information from update profile forms.

We have written a page that explains about Segments and Dynamic Content. Two major areas of MarketingPlatform for using enriched information.

See also the pages about automatic flow with Autoresponder and Trigger Mails.

In addition to the gathered knowledge, a customers activity with an update profile form will provide many points for MailRating. MailRating optimizes, among other things, the delivery of the broadcasts.

Read more about MailRating on this page.