Vejen, Denmark
July 2020


39% open the newsletters they receive – and more consumers are choosing to read them on a computer again

In a time when the world is becoming increasingly mobile, a Danish study shows that mobile is losing ground in email marketing.

The Danish company MarketingPlatform, which serves several of the largest Danish newsletter senders, has just published a study based on 2 billion email campaign send-outs. The study is the only one of its kind in the world with Danish figures.

MarketingPlatform has developed a marketing automation solution that can manage and execute corporate digital marketing campaigns on many channels, including email marketing.


On average, 39% of recipients open a newsletter

Countless studies over the years have proven over and over again that newsletters are the most effective form of online marketing. And this still holds true even as we write in 2020, even though e-mail has been judged (very incorrectly) several times to be “old-fashioned”.

“Previously, we’ve studied the effect of newsletter campaign send-outs in comparison with other marketing channels. Time and again, we’ve found that newsletters give a return on investment of as much as 22 times,” explains Kim Østergaard, founder of Marketing Platform.

In May 2020, Danish consumers opened an average of 39% of the newsletters they received. When newsletters were sent from a business with physical stores or restaurants, as many as 57% of recipients opened messages on a mobile phone. Meanwhile, only 48% opened the message on a mobile if it was sent from a company that is only available online.


More faithful to established brands

Consumers are also clearly more loyal to established brands. In fact, 7 times as faithful if you compare and contrast the number of people who unsubscribe from their newsletter and their faithfulness:

  • An online business loses 0.885% of recipients each month, a business with physical stores or restaurants loses only 0.127% of its recipients.

A peculiarity on top of the differences between online and offline are the differences between mobile, computer or tablet. In fact, mobile recipients are more likely unsubscribe to newsletters – in relation to the total number of newsletters that are opened on mobile phones. Conversely, consumers who use a tablet to view corporate messages are the most trustworthy, and sign out proportionately only half as often as the recipients that read the messages on their smartphone.


For more information

Kim Østergaard, or mobile 42 555 555


Caveats and further information

The figures are based on a survey of more than 2 billion campaign send-outs to Danish recipients. The figures mentioned in percentage terms in this article all refer to May 2020. The figures are only for so-called B2C send-outs where a company sends to private persons and not for B2B communications.

Link to slides and a recorded webinar presenting the study (in Danish):