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Omnichannel Marketing Automation with AI

– email marketing, SMS marketing, social marketing

We are a Danish Gazelle business with offices in many different countries.
Experience fantastic customer support – and get help with everything.

Here’s how MarketingPlatform helps you

Time to be Creative” is our mantra. We bring smart people and innovative software together, enabling you to create success through a genuine dialogue with your chosen audience, whoever and wherever they may be. Here’s how we do it.


Security and GDPR

For a public institution, there is a lot of focus on security and GDPR. We address these two vital requirements by using specific features for data protection, which are incorporated as an essential part of MarketingPlatform – features that limit our ability internally to view your data as a customer.


We store your data safely in Denmark

MarketingPlatform complies with EU GDPR and Personal Data Act. No one else has access to the data you import, collect and store as a result in MarketingPlatform. In addition, your data is stored in Denmark’s most secure and certified data centres.

The GDPR legislation states that it is important to avoid storing data outside the EU, if it is not necessary. At MarketingPlatform, we help your business comply with the law.


Data Management

Data Management is the key to successful email marketing. In the platform, there is a large amount of very valuable data on all your contacts, which is gathered via form fields on a website, the Tracking function, Facebook Lead Ads or by other means.

How you then make use of this data is the basis of your success. Using this data you can send perfectly tailored emails to your contacts with exactly the information they request – at exactly the right times.

The data is safely protected on our Danish servers, but can be synchronized back and forth between ERP and CRM systems as needed.



One-to-Many can handle unstructured data, from, for example, products, transactions, shops, locations and behaviour. Data, that through API and other integrations can be retrieved from an ERP system, another back-office solution or similar services. Together with contact details and the collected behavioural information, the transactional data can further be used together for segmenting and as a trigger for automated flows. One-to-Many is a part of our Enterprise package.

Morten Mørk Petersen, Online responsible – Ib Laursen

‘’I am very happy for the Builder and the way you can create the campaigns. The Drag-and-drop feature in the platform is good to work with. It makes work easy and fast, and I can scale everything as I go, which is very time-saving for me. Everything is very straightforward, and I can create things that I want’’.


Automated flows

Create a meaningful customer journey with automated flows that can trigger any campaign based on behaviour in both email campaigns and other output channels. Along with this, we can use tracking information from your webshop, enrich it with order data and provide the most optimal targeting to the recipients.

Perfect. On all devices.

We have made it simple – your campaigns look fantastic on computer, tablet and smartphone.



Recipients’ behaviour across the channels is saved safely and in a structured way. You can see how many have opened a campaign, as well as on what and when they have clicked. Moreover, you can follow their behaviour on your webshop and use the gathered knowledge in the following campaigns. Some of the statistics are for the individual recipient, where a lifetime log details all their actions, from the first sign up, through interactions with forms, to flows and of course their behaviour across campaigns and channels. The same goes for current LeadScore. Here, the statistics reveal the value of the recipient which will appear as information that can be used for proactive targeting and segmentation.