Coronavirus: Be a Certain Voice
in an Uncertain Time

In a matter of days, and in many ways, the world has almost entirely changed around us. 

This means that everyone we talk to, our customers, our users, and the people who work with us, need us to speak with a sense of honest reassurance – now more than ever.

Here at MarketingPlatform, we’ve been working on putting together what we believe to be a really useful selection of tips and tricks to help you navigate this new landscape. 

In this free webinar, you will learn how, when, where – and even what – we could, or should, be saying to everyone that matters to us. 

Which is, frankly, all of you, all of your customers, and all of your people.

But, even more than this, in the bag we’ve also got some fabulous advice to share about how to remain effective, motivated AND sane, whilst working from home.

The webinar is in English and is co-hosted by Matthew Ogden, who in addition to being Marketing Director with us is also a great communicator. He has held a number of exciting positions in communications at the BBC, LEGO and Bestseller. In addition, he is a professional voice actor.

The content from the webinar can be downloaded in PDF form here.

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