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Segments and Combined Segments

segmenter-mailplatform-mailratingA segment is a part of a contact list.

It is possible to segment based on behaviour, time and interests – as well as to combine the different options. In theory, it provides unlimited possibilities to create a segment that intelligently targets the communication.

segmenter-mailplatform-combinedsegmentsCombinable Segments is the option to combine multiple segments into a combined segment. The combined segments can for example be created from 2 segments, where the first segment is deducted from the second segment. Or it could be 4 segments that are added or subtracted to a combined segment.

We will first describe the possibilities with one segment on this page. Next, how Combinable Segments expands these possibilities.

segmenter-mailplatform-vaelgkoenThe possibilities with a segment

A segment is based on one or more contact lists. Understanding that, a segment can collect recipients from multiple contact lists into one segment.

Segments can filter on all available Custom Fields, fields that you can create yourself, and for example look at the field “Gender” and make it possible to see and send to women and men separately.

It is also possible to segment on a large number of standard fields in MarketingPlatform, including fields that refer to behaviour for each recipient. In addition, segments that look at MailRating can also be created and make it possible to send to, for example, all VIP recipients.


Other behaviours are, for example, whether the recipient has opened one, more or all of the sent campaigns within a specific time frame or indefinitely. The opposite is also possible, i.e. whether campaigns have not been opened. The same 2 types of segments are also possible on the click in one or more campaigns – down to unique links.

MarketingPlatform automatically collects geographic information about your recipients. This knowledge can also be used for segments.

All of the things mentioned can be combined into one segment. It could be all recipients who have opened a campaign in the last 3 months, but only women living in the metropolitan area must receive this campaign. Only the imagination sets limits when segments are combined in Combinable Segments, which is a superstructure in the feature.

Extra options with Combinable Segments (combined segments)

Where a segment can collect recipients from multiple contact lists, combined segments can make this even more sophisticated.

Often, as a sender, one needs to be able to exclude recipients who have opened a recent campaign, clicked on something specific, have a special MailRating or a combination of this and much more. This is possible with Combinable Segments.

Pragmatically explained, the combined segments allow one or more segments to be grouped together, subtracting one or more segments – and combining plus and minus.

We have not been able to find a scenario or need to derive data in a segment that has not been covered by the 2 described features.