We help all approved non-profit organisations with our 1-1-1 model 

“Helping others has always been at the very top of our agenda. That is why we have launched our benefits programme for non-profit organisations, which includes free software, minimum 1% of our profits and 1% of our employees’ time dedicated to charity”, says Kim Østergaard, the founder of Danish MarketingPlatform.

We call this principle a 1-1-1 model, taken from the American model, which shows 3 interdependent gears as this picture demonstrates.

We give an 80% discount on our packages to all charities (NGOs). In order to be eligible for a discount as an NGO at MarketingPlatform, you need to be approved as an NGO in your country and send an application to our CEO, kim@marketingplatform.com, after which we decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not you fall within our framework aimed at promoting health and education. Our goal is not to earn from non-profit organisations, but for the most part, we would like to occasionally cover our costs in order to maintain our high level of service.

“I have always found great pleasure in helping other people – with MarketingPlatform, the opportunity is there on a large-scale”.
Kim Østergaard, CEO, founder and co-owner of MarketingPlatform

How to get started with MarketingPlatform as a non-profit…

If your association or organisation qualifies as an NGO, based on the official register of all NGOs in your country, and you wish to make use of our platform, you should write to us on support@marketingplatform.com including all relevant information.

We will then contact you by email or by phone to schedule an online meeting for an introduction and a setup of our system.

You will receive the same help and startup advice that is enjoyed by all of our full-paying customers. We will spend between 60-90 minutes helping your organisation or association get started. We will provide you with a short user course, a free template adapted to your business, help you with the import of your contacts, and much more.

For all non-profit subscriptions, a discreet “Powered by MarketingPlatform” message can be found at the bottom of all e-mails sent by the system. The message leads to marketingplatform.com.

If your association or organisation does not appear in the register of the officially approved NGOs in your country, we would then require an email from your bank which guarantees that you are a non-profit organisation. This should be a completely straightforward process for you, will not cost anything and can be obtained in a day.

We look forward to helping you.

“Major floods happened quite close to us, to our brothers and sisters in Serbia, and that really triggered our desire to help,” says Neno Angelov, CDO and co-owner at MarketingPlatform. The Danish company’s development department is located in North Macedonia, in the vicinity of the Serbian border.

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Neno Angelov, CDO and co-owner