’s most important marketing tool is
Email Marketing was founded in 2008 and is today Denmark’s largest film website. The website is owned jointly by Nordisk Film and CinemaxX. At, you can find tickets for over 50 cinemas in Denmark, based on the same concept as the travel portal Momondo, which gathers prices from a large number of travel companies. You can search for movies, after which an overview shows in which cities and cinemas the movie can be seen. In addition to this, numerous news from the world of movies, debate, blog and podcast can be found on this website.

The most important communication and marketing tool for is Email Marketing, where they have a huge database of many newsletter readers. does not use marketing money on Facebook, Google Ads or anything else, and therefore is important to have a strong list with newsletter recipients and an associated strong and effective Email Marketing platform.

At, one-to-one communication is very important, where use of email marketing is very clear. Here, work is done by sending emails automatically to their users with reminders of reservations for cinema tickets or follow-up emails with questions about the cinema experience, as well as relevant movie news that the users receive twice a week. has chosen MarketingPlatform as Email Marketing platform for several reasons. Editor-in-chief/Head of Content Daniel Bentien explains: “We have chosen MarketingPlatform, because we needed a user-friendly, intuitive system which ensured us that in a few minutes we could create a beautiful newsletter and send it to our large database of subscribers. We work with a number of predefined templates, where we can quickly drag and drop content, change pictures and work with the content, so that in a few minutes we have the next newsletter ready”.

“We have chosen MarketingPlatform because of the intuitive platform, the good prices as well as the quick Danish support. Furthermore, the GDPR solution in the platform gives us the necessary security in terms of protecting our users’ data, as required by the law’’. – Daniel Bentien,

The prices at MarketingPlatform are also highlighted by Daniel Bentien: “The prices at MarketingPlatform are significantly lower than our previous Email Marketing solution”.

Daniel Bentien also mentions the customer support as a very important feature: “We have a good and easy dialogue with the customer support, and at the same time the support is very quick”.

Charli Bregnballe, responsible for operations and development, adds: “The communication path with MarketingPlatform works really well. We talk to a Danish support who works very close with us that they understand our solution really well”.

In addition to the usual setup, MarketingPlatform has also assisted in the process of data integration as well as a process of data cleaning so that inefficient recipients were removed. “We then saw significantly higher delivery rates and opening rates,” says Charli Bregnballe.

Charli Bregnballe also highlights the GDPR features of MarketingPlatform as a good and important feature. “ The solution is implemented in an elegant and user-friendly way. MarketingPlatform has dedicated ample time to us to explain how the GDPR solution works. It is very important for us in case the Datatilsynet one day comes knocking on the door. We are ready to explain exactly what is going on in terms of protecting our users’ data, as required by the law”.

“The solution is implemented in an elegant and user-friendly way. MarketingPlatform has dedicated ample time to us to explain how the GDPR solution works.” – Charli Bregnballe,

The next step in using email marketing for is to work with the advanced segmentation in MarketingPlatform where they, for example, will start to send emails to their newsletter recipients based on movie genres, that the newsletter recipients typically have shown interest in. MarketingPlatform’s One-To-Many functionality must be integrated so that the platform can work with deep data, and also look at the history of purchased tickets on the individual users in order to be able to adapt emails to the individual user in the best possible way, and make these emails as relevant as possible.

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