Integrate Shopify with MarketingPlatform

Headquartered in Canada, Shopify has been developing software for webshops as well as point-of-sale systems for retailers since 2004. Shopify is one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms.

A good, stable data exchange between your email marketing platform and your webshop is necessary to maintain customer information and order data.

It is easy to integrate your data between Shopify and MarketingPlatform via our Connector. The integration can be set up in just 10 minutes and ready to send the essential data back and forth.

If a customer signs up for your newsletter via your check-out flow, the Connector ensures that contact details are synchronized between your Shopify installation and MarketingPlatform.

Also use the Connector in conjunction with our One-to-Many to push order data from Shopify to MarketingPlatform. Then use the data to send targeted and highly effective email marketing campaigns to your customers.

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Use our FlowBuilder to build advanced flows.

Benefits of integration between Shopify and MarketingPlatform:

  • Integration only takes around 10 minutes
    The integration can be set up without the help of expensive external consultants
    Synchronize contact data and order data and more
    Provides a stronger foundation for effective email marketing campaigns

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