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BigCommerce, headquartered in Texas, USA, is a SaaS ecommerce platform that was founded in 2009. It is often compared to the Shopify platform due to many of the same features and plugin options. BigCommerce can be integrated directly with big players like Amazon and eBay in addition to social networks.

With this integration, data can be sent back and forth between both systems. Data such as order and customer information. The more information that is available to you, the greater the chance of success with your email marketing campaigns.


With MarketingPlatform’s Connector, data can be sent between BigCommerce and MarketingPlatform. The integration can be set up in about 10 minutes. Therefore, data exchange can begin immediately.

When a customer signs up for your newsletter, the Connector synchronizes the contact details between BigCommerce and MarketingPlatform. MarketingPlatform Connector is included with all our subscriptions.

Deep Data

Deep data can also be integrated via our One-to-Many function, which is available with our Enterprise subscription. In this instance deep data can include products purchased, quantity, time, location, behavior etc. This data can then be used to send targeted and highly effective email marketing campaigns to your customers.

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With our FlowBuilder you can build your own flows. FlowBuilder is user friendly with simple and advanced features. You can set up welcome, win-back, lost basket or VIP flows. You can also set up as many flows as you wish.


Benefits of integration between BigCommerce and MarketingPlatform:

  • Integration only takes about 10 minutes.
  • Can be set up without the help of external consultants.
  • Easily synchronize contact information and order data.
  • Creates a stronger foundation for effective email marketing campaigns.

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