Proud to team up with SDGA (Sustainable Development Goals Alliance) at University of Calgary.

The Sustainable Development Goals Alliance (SDGA) is a collection of student organizations working in collaboration with university offices and community partners. This is the first ever student-led alliance for the SDGs of its kind at any educational institution in Canada. The alliance is working to train youth on how to become change agents in their communities, and serves as a forum for organizations to unite and accelerate sustainable development wherever possible.

Patrick is most passionate about Partnerships for the Goals because without collaboration, changemaking is slow and disjointed. The biggest lesson he has learned is that the degree of separation between individuals is often much smaller than what we tend to believe. We are closer to a common community than we often imagine, however, without building partnerships and incorporating people together towards common goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), we will continue to fall short of our full, united potential.

Patrick was the recipient of ACGC’s Top 30 Under 30. He is continuously making a difference in his community by implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in his own unique ways!

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