Why spend time making a good newsletter if only a few people in the target group opens the email. Isn’t the whole purpose of email marketing to get as many people as possible seeing your message and reacting to it? This question is of course rather rhetorical, as all senders want to be heard.

Regardless of the purpose of your newsletter, whether it’d be sales, branding, information, enlightenment, or something completely different, you wish to be heard as a sender. You want your recipients to open, read and hopefully also click in the newsletters that you send out.

There is tough competition for seconds in the inbox. Which emails are opened, read, responded and which are just deleted – or even worse marked as SPAM. Read more about SPAM here.

“On average, 4/10 opens a newsletter – shows the latest statistics from MarketingPlatform,” says founder and director Kim Østergaard. Conversely, it means that 6/10 opt out of a newsletter, or maybe skim it without actively engaging with it.


The composition of the campaign – a good start 

How the campaign is built plays a major role. Although multiple email clients, such as Gmail and iOS mail, automatically display images when a newsletter is opened, the design for an email without images still means a lot. Therefore, use real texts and buttons that are not a picture into your design.

It is also important that the top of the email clearly communicates the content throughout. The majority of recipients scan your email, and naturally start at the top and assess whether the email should be deleted, saved for later – or read immediately.

A good start is easily understandable. Keep in mind that the recipients should be made curious within the first 5 seconds. And think about a situation where both the images are visible – and where the email client does not show your pictures or graphics.

Our experience shows that a divide into two or three columns is optimal. 2-3 lines of text in each column, divided by icons or bullet points. It is quick to decode for the recipients.

Bullet points should be followed by an image. A picture that clearly communicates news, is targeted to the individual recipient with intelligent content, or otherwise adapted to the situation. Slightly banal, umbrellas will work better on a rainy day – than on a day of sunshine.


Targeting the content

Targeted content increases the yield by many hundred percent. It’s not new, but unfortunately most senders tend to send the same content to everyone. “We have made targeting tools available in all of our subscription packages, even in the package of $29 a month,” says Kim Østergaard

How do I easily target the content of my newsletter? That’s a question we receive at MarketingPlatform daily. First, we carefully look at the data of each sender. What information is available. Does the sender have more than just the email address, if so then the data should first be enriched.

Even information on the recipients, which at first glance seems banal, can be used for segmentation and targeting. The zip code can easily be used for segmentation. Often there is a difference between what customers in each region buy.

One segment could therefore be all major cities, where the recipients typically have a greater purchasing power. Thus, product groups in the luxury segment may preferably be sent to these audiences. It is also known that customers in the larger cities purchase more organic options as opposed to those living in rural areas.

The content can be targeted in MarketingPlatform using the Intelligent Content, Dynamic Content, Relevant Content, IF THEN ELSE, and External Content using variables.


Timing of the broadcast

There can be a big difference when a campaign performs best. It depends a lot on the target audience, and what your business sells or communicates.

It is therefore important to test, test and test again.

A split test function is optimal for this purpose. By creating 2, 3 or maybe 4 copies of the same campaign and sending them to an equal amount of recipients, but temporarily offset, the effect of time can be tested very accurately.

In the split test it is a simple operation. Select the campaigns, set the time and date of broadcast. And wait in excitement for the result.


Good communication always comes first

All technical aids, tools and opportunities should never replace good communication.

It will always be your honest communication that will convey the messages successfully to your recipients. In other words, if you do not have anything so say – then shut up.

It does not look nice when it comes to writing, but the message is not to be mistaken. Do not have anything to say – do not disturb the recipients.

Have fun with the release of newsletters. Newsletters are the most successful online marketing method that gives a ROI of 1 to 40 if the targeting is used correctly.


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