I’ll be the first to admit it – we are not Facebook experts here at MarketingPlatform. But thankfully many of our partners and clients are, so for this post,¬†we have summarized their knowledge with our solution for sending newsletters.

Several experts we’ve talked to say that Facebook’s marketing from a commercial side is performing significantly worse today than before. Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts as well as your Facebook page. On the other hand, paid reach includes the people who see your content as a result of paid promotions.


Kickstart your marketing

Social media experts say that the organic reach is falling 6-10 times compared to earlier. Thus, the value of many followers has also fallen. In other words, your business can no longer count on a high reach for organic listings on Facebook.

There are 2 ways to gain more reach. Your company can pay for it. It’s called boosting a message. But it dies out as soon as the funds on your company credit card run out. The other option is to get some more organic traffic on Facebook for your posting. This is where email marketing comes into the picture.

The other option is to get some more organic traffic on Facebook for your posting. This is where email marketing comes into the picture.

Several studies indicate that Facebook is learning from previous behaviour. This also means that future organic listings will do better. If the traffic and interest has previously been significant.


Facebook messages can be sent automatically

With Feeds in MarketingPlatform, Facebook postings can be automatically inserted in newsletters and other campaigns. This means that the newsletter directs organic traffic to the listing. MarketingPlatform allows you to send automated emails that is populated with relevant content from your website or shop, Facebook, Instagram, finance system, or a totally different feed of your choice.

It is quite easy to set up. Copy the link to your company’s Facebook page. Insert the link as the path in the Feed. Build a design that matches your desire. And the content from Facebook, such as the last two postings, will automatically be inserted where it is desired in your newsletters.

Because the reports are retrieved directly from Facebook, the content will always be relevant.¬†MarketingPlatform can also “listen” to the stream of postings on your Facebook page. When the number of entries is as you wish, a newsletter can be automatically sent to the recipients. The newsletter may even be subject to an automatic targeting.


Facebook users share a lot more

Another fact is that Facebook users share and like content a lot more when they move around on Facebook. Far more than if they read the same content on a webpage, with bottom and bottom buttons for sharing and sharing.

Alone, therefore, it makes sense to send traffic directly to the latest postings.

Several experts also point out that the length of Facebook posting is also of great importance to the scope. This should be taken into account in the consideration of the correct media mix.


Automatic posting – from newsletter to Facebook

In order to accommodate the longer postings, newsletters can be automatically published to Facebook. And the text can be managed as part of the campaign and designed in MarketingPlatform. It is also possible to upload a unique image to the social media – or choose one from the newsletter.

The social preheader overrides the automatic choice of text and image that Twitter or Facebook suggests when viewing external content. That way, your business can automatically make long postings and ensure that the post contains call-to-action. Thus, an invitation to interact with the post.

By combining Facebook with MarketingPlatform, your business will get the best from the most popular and effective online marketing channels. The social media and targeted intelligent newsletters.

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