Campaign template – with unlimited combination options

We give your business a palette of options in your newsletter template with our drag-and-drop editor. You decide the layout from campaign to campaign – drag the module (s) into the layout you want to create the perfect template. For example, be it a large picture, a smaller image and text – and finish text in two columns.

We help your business with adjusting the actual campaign design, fonts, colors and setup. We call it good service, and it is part of our free startup advice.

Your campaign and its design naturally adapts to the display on smartphones, tablets and computers.


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs


Our drag-and-drop editor is included in all subscriptions 

MarketingPlatform Builder is a very deep toolbox.

A campaign must first and foremost deliver results. For some companies, the results are increasing sales in the webshop or the physical stores – for others to generate ticket sales. What all of these companies have in common is the desire for attention, the ability to determine the marketing pressure itself – when a message is to be sent to the recipients.

“Email marketing is the most effective online marketing medium. A good newsletter template is essential for success.”

The tool should be so good that the focus can be 100% on the content. MarketingPlatform Builder, our simple drag-and-drop editor, is the tool that increases your productivity – without compromising on the design, creativity and the variation from campaign to campaign.

How does it work in practice?

As part of our free startup advice, we design the header and footer for your newsletter template to match your company’s graphic profile. We also adjust background colors, fonts and colors as well as buttons to match your wishes.

When all of this is in place, our drag-and-drop editor will be able to generate campaigns that match your business’s graphical profile.



100% design freedom in safe settings

Your graphics department or agency has complete design freedom

MarketingPlatform Builder can work exclusively with its own modules. It provides 100% design freedom for your internal graphics department, your advertising agency or digital agency.

We call it Custom Modules, which works hand in hand with our standard modules – or alone as in the example from NatcoNet. Although the design is unique, in this case, the customer has delivered a Photoshop file, which MarketingPlatform has clipped to HTML, works with drag-and-drop. For everyday life at NatcoNet, it means that they can drag the module(s) they need for the week’s newsletter, over to the layout, and immediately start editing.

Gives the ability to undo and edit

A module is missing in the midst of this week’s campaign Had the template been static, had it been over, or a programmer would need to be involved. With MarketingPlatform Builder, the desired module is simply pulled over to the layout – and immediately continues the rest of the newsletter and allows space. Absolutely without the need to code.

We call it ‘how it works’, to take the essence of the Steve Jobs quote.




More than 80 standard modules

Millions of possibilities

We have built approx. 80 standard modules that fit both B2B and B2C. There are modules for the textual campaign, for the campaigns with the many products and for the campaign that communicates visually.

Relevant Content and Dynamic Content have their own modules.

It is possible to have 10 separate modules. Modules will appear in the overview in line with the default modules.

Text and images are easily edited

The images on your website or computer are uploaded with a few clicks for your campaign. MarketingPlatform has a built-in image manager (image database) that automatically scales the images to the placement in the campaign.

When you click on the text in the editor, it is highlighted and a small window opens and makes copy / paste a breeze. There are no options for destroying your newsletter design with the formatting, font size, or the like.




We give it to you for free

Adjustment of our drag-and-drop editor

MarketingPlatform Builder has a design area where header and footer can be customized or freely designed. As part of our free startup advice, we create header and footer based on your company website. We also customize background colors, general colors, fonts, font sizes for both computer, tablet and mobile as well as colors.

It provides a unique expression that for most companies complies with the requirements of their newsletter.


Everything you can correct and customize

There is nothing locked or hidden away in MarketingPlatform. The same goes for MarketingPlatform Builder, which is the market’s only drag-and-drop editor, where the templates work with plain HTML. In other words, everyone can correct or customize in the templates. We will gladly return this freedom to our customers.

If you need help, MarketingPlatform has a large partner network with skilled agencies.



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