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Omnichannel Marketing Automation with AI

– email marketing, SMS marketing, social marketing

Here’s how MarketingPlatform helps you

Time to be Creative” is our mantra. We bring smart people and innovative software together, enabling you to create success through a genuine dialogue with your chosen audience, whoever and wherever they may be. Here’s how we do it…

Campaign Builder

We have created the most complete, and at the same time intuitive, drag-and-drop editor on the market. It is easy to integrate social media, Trustpilot, your own images and content, as well as dynamic and intelligent content from product feeds. Our Campaign Builder can read the products from any webshop and insert them intelligently in email campaigns with the use of behavioural data, increasing your profit margin by a factor of between 4 and 10 times.



Tracking collects knowledge about a recipient’s behaviour – whether it be from your newsletter, SMS messages, or your webshop and website. With our unique setup, which combines your sitemap and your product feed, the combined data can easily be used for personalized campaigns as well as in automated flows. Along with this, MarketingPlatform also profiles the traffic from your webshop or website.


Get help with the whole process

Our entire system is so easy and intuitive that you, in combination with our international support team, can easily set up and manage your email marketing campaigns and flows – without having to make use of expensive external consultants.

We give advice and guidance for you in the onboarding process, and if you would like to manage the entire process yourself, we have guides and videos for all functions in the platform, which are freely available to you. 

At any time, you can contact our friendly, international support team who is ready to help you.



Lead scoring is all about timing, and hitting the recipients with intelligent segmented messages at the right moment when they are in the market to buy. Therefore we have developed LeadScoring, which can easily collect recipients’ behaviour in emails, SMS messages, on your webshop and website. All the collected data can easily be used for segmenting and filtering as well as for targeting of content from feeds and other forms of dynamic content.


Automated flows

Create a meaningful customer journey with automated flows that can trigger any campaign based on behaviour in both email campaigns and other output channels. Along with this, you can use tracking information from your webshop, enrich it with order data and provide the most optimal targeting to the recipients.

Morten Mørk Petersen, Online responsible – Ib Laursen

‘’I am very happy for the Builder and the way you can create the campaigns. The Drag-and-drop feature in the platform is good to work with. It makes work easy and fast, and I can scale everything as I go, which is very time-saving for me. Everything is very straightforward, and I can create things that I want’’.


Custom Audiences

With MarketingPlatform, we make it possible for you to target your marketing on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn via your contacts in the platform.

For example, you can upload a comprehensive list of contacts or specific segments of your lists so you can use it to hit your contacts on other platforms. Based on this information, you can create lookalike audiences that can help you find new customers for the business.

Perfect. On all devices.

We have made it simple – your campaigns look fantastic on computer, tablet and smartphone.



MarketingPlatform has standard integrations for most webshops systems and CMS platforms. It is easy to integrate both contact data and transactional data such as orders and purchases. Use Connector and connect to an API, write code to our REST API, SDK or use Zapier as an integration hub.