Email Marketing becomes more targeted

The Danish company, MarketingPlatform, has developed MailRating that contains many features for better targeting of email marketing

In order to be able to use something optimally, it is important to understand the thoughts behind the solution. Overall, MailRating must contribute to an improved delivery of all emails sent from MarketingPlatform. In addition, a better differentiating of the messages through a better understanding of the recipient’s involvement. With MailRating, an otherwise homogenous group will be the subject of possible segmentation.


Understanding recipients based on their involvement

Basically, a recipient’s MailRating score explains how much the individual wants your business. More detailed, the score also tells about the life cycle of your, and other customers’, contact lists. We stop for a moment with other customers’ influence.


MailRating has 4 main categories, each of which is divided into a number of stars. The stars are again divided into a number of underlying numbers that are the actual score. The number system is secret and determines the shift between the star and the main groups. The score also determines whether a contact should be disabled. The score is affected by the recipient’s actions in the sent campaigns.


The VIP segment

The VIP recipients are the most active contacts. We treat them very specifically both in terms of delivery and rules for points or minus points. By sending special emails or SMS messages to the VIP group, the customer will be able to foster a sense of belonging. They could develop into ambassadors, who will also tend to take more special actions. VIP recipients are more likely to share your messages socially. They will also forward your emails far more often to friends or acquaintances. In other words, a VIP recipient is very valuable.

The VIP recipients often wish (perhaps not communicated) a higher frequency on their emails than other segments. Commercially seen, the VIP segment can often convert higher, if the frequency increases – the elasticity. Some people will argue that the GOOD segment also has the same features.


The GOOD segment

The second best recipients, who are potentially on the way to becoming VIP – or at the risk of degrading in the level – we, in MarketingPlatform call GOOD. The second best segment is either characterized by new recipients who are very active and on the way to becoming VIP, or established recipients, who show a fixed behaviour.

GOOD segments will, from experience, be the most profitable segment, due to its size and activity level. People with a higher income, due to the normal rush, are often a part of this segment. Therefore, do not be surprised if the profit is generally higher for the GOOD segment than other segments defined by MailRaiting.


The AVERAGE segment

New recipients usually end in AVERAGE segment first. From there, they must perform good in order to go further into GOOD or VIP segments. Therefore, a well-designed welcome flow (created with the use of autoresponders), will make a difference for the scoring of new recipients. Not to mention the loyalty that can be built up with the recipient early in the process. “There is no better time when the recipients are more motivated to engage with your business, than at the beginning of the relationship,” continues Kim Østergaard – and puts it into perspective with international studies and own, over 15 years experiences, as an online buyer.

Segmented sendings on interests and behaviour improve the response by 4-10 times, measured in relation to non-segmented sendings, if this is a broad target group. Therefore, the functions Update Profile and Modify Details can be used to enrich the recipient’s profile. Update Profile makes a completely normal link for the collection site for any kind of information that can be in a Custom Field. The same function is also the source of Relevant Content with Big Data – all in all, standard functions in MarketingPlatform system.

Update Profile uses to create webforms, that intelligently interact with any kind of campaign and collection form. In the Modify Details form, the recipients themselves can maintain and update their data – again, in any Custom Field. Custom Fields is the term for own fields that any customer can create an unlimited number of. These fields are used to keep knowledge on the recipients.


The POOR segment

Last stop before the trash bin. This is how one can describe the POOR segment. This is where all the inactive recipients end and where potentially dangerous addresses are deleted. 16 different rules and a few algorithms determine how quickly an email address ends in this segment.

Many rules are not public, however, one thing is certain – inactive recipients end in the POOR segment and will eventually be automatically disabled. This ensures a consistently high relevance for the received mail servers, which will experience emails sent with MarketingPlatform, as the ones with higher performance than with other systems. Although it can sometimes be annoying, deactivated recipients should not be seen as lost opportunities or sales, but as a necessary cleanup in order NOT to destroy your sendings. Last, but not least, the continuous automatic cleanup will lower your email sendings costs.


A final comment

“With MarketingPlatform, we will make intelligent email marketing accessible to all companies, because why should only the largest companies, that can afford a solution as Responsys, optimize their businesses with the undisputed most effective form of online marketing, use our email marketing platform”, asks Kim Østergaard and ends the interview.

Therefore, all functions are also standard in MarketingPlatform. Only in this way does the company believe that all customers have optimal conditions for developing the business.

MarketingPlatform costs from 23 euros per month,and all subscription packages include MailRating.

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