Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence feature automatically inserts recommendations into email campaigns, websites or webshops.

A screenshot of MarketingPlatform's artificial intelligence feature using customer data to propose content for your next email marketing campaign.

AI – Intelligence

Together with Google, we have created the world’s best Artificial Intelligence for your email campaigns and your webshop.

MarketingPlatform Intelligence builds a bridge between:

  • The purchase data you have in your ERP, webshop or other platforms for instance.
  • The data from the MarketingPlatform Tracking feature (if integrated on your shop or site).
  • The data from our LeadScore functionality and other behaviours in your campaigns.

And putting our cutting-edge Intelligence feature to work is genuinely as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Start by setting up a product feed, such as a Google Shopping feed, a Facebook feed, a PriceRunner feed, or your own JSON, XML or similar feed.
  2. Connect your webshop or your website with the MarketingPlatform Tracking feature, in exactly the same easy way as you would with Google Analytics.
  3. Fire up your MarketingPlatform Intelligence AI-engine with a single click.

Once Tracking is set up, we train the model using the Google algorithm. Shortly after that, you can insert products into your email campaigns and your webshop. Our Intelligence feature then automatically shows the products that the algorithm has calculated to match each profile perfectly. 

You can then sit back and watch our Intelligence feature creating results for you.

Take a look below at how simple it is to set up the Intelligence feature:

The MarketingPlatform Intelligence feature is available in both our Premium, eCommerce and Enterprise subscription packages.

Find the right package and price for your needs below:.

Name Calls Yearly Quarterly
Intelligence 50K 50.000 81 € 101 €
Intelligence 100K 100.000 128 € 159 €
Intelligence 200K 200.000 228 € 285 €
Intelligence 300K 300.000 302 € 378 €
Intelligence 400K 400.000 376 € 470 €
Intelligence 500K 500.000 456 € 570 €
Intelligence 600K 600.000 532 € 664 €
Intelligence 700K 700.000 601 € 752 €
Intelligence 800K 800.000 666 € 832 €
Intelligence 900K 900.000 725 € 906 €
Intelligence 1M 1.000.000 765 € 956 €

The number of views is calculated based on the number of website or webshop views and the number of emails sent with Intelligence.

If you want to see how our Intelligence feature can help you exceed your Email Marketing goals book a demo with us or try us free of charge and free of commitment for 14 days.