Vejen, Denmark – 26th June 2020

Mobile has lost ground in email marketing- more people are turning to their computer again


At a time when the world is becoming increasingly mobile, a Danish study shows that mobile is actually losing ground in email marketing.

The Danish company MarketingPlatform, which serves a number of the largest Danish newsletter senders, has just published a study based on a few billion campaign send-outs. The study is the only one of its kind with a focus on data from Denmark.

MarketingPlatform has developed a marketing automation solution that can manage corporate digital marketing campaigns across many channels, including email marketing (known as newsletters).

Mobile has lost ground over the past year

Back in 2018, the number of Danish consumers opening newsletters on their smartphone peaked at an average of around 70%. This figure has since fallen to a maximum of 55% for companies with physical stores.

Moreover, the study shows that businesses with physical stores, such as clothing stores, grocery stores and restaurants, manage to hold onto their subscribers far better than companies that make their home exclusively on the internet. In comparison with companies that are found both on and offline, three times as many consumers hit unsubscribe each month for communications from online-only businesses.

Mobile is also where the recipients are most “unfaithful”

Another interesting trend revealed by the data is the “how and where” of the unsubscribe behaviour that follows the receipt of a newsletter. As mentioned above, there are major differences between physical businesses and purely online stores. But there are also significant differences between the behaviour exhibited on the various devices on which newsletters are opened and read.

Our findings show that in fact there is a much higher risk (one third more) that a contact will unsubscribe from a newsletter if that newsletter is read on mobile rather than if it is read on desktop or tablet. A fact that may seem more than a little counter-intuitive to many.

“We were very surprised that so many more people unsubscribe when they read newsletters on their mobile, rather than on a computer or tablet,” explains Kim Østergaard, founder of MarketingPlatform.

Curiously enough, consumers with a tablet are the most like to stick with you. Here, we see that only half as many unsubscribe, in comparison with if they had opened the same newsletter on a mobile phone.

And finally, we found that recipients who read their emails on a computer tend to sit right in middle between mobile and tablet where the desire to unsubscribe is concerned.

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Caveat: The figures in our study are based on an analysis of more than 2 billion send-outs to Danish recipients. The percentage figures mentioned in this newsletter all refer to data collated from May 2020. In the study, we focused exclusively on data relating to B2C business, where a company is sending to private individuals, and excluded B2B campaigns.

Link to slides and a recorded webinar presenting the study (in Danish):

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