Integrate WordPress with MarketingPlatform



WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. Released in 2003, WordPress has become the world’s most popular website builder. 42% of the web is built on WordPress.

At MarketingPlatform we offer a standard plug-in that integrates WordPress with our email marketing system. And it only takes a few moments to install on WordPress.


With our WordPress module, you can automatically collect email addresses in MarketingPlatform from your WordPress blog or page. The module is easy to install and we are happy to help if you require assistance. However, the module does require API access to MarketingPlatform with subscriptions.

If you run an international blog, our plug-in will automatically be able to register the country of contacts. This data is transferred directly to the country field in MarketingPlatform during enrollment.

After installing the WordPress module, you will be able to configure Widget’s directly with marketing platform sign-up forms.


The screen shows the setup in WordPress. At the top, specify the path to the XML API in MarketingPlatform, your XML user name, and security token. The WordPress module will then automatically display the contact lists associated with your login. Select the contact list you want, and you’re ready to pick up newsletter recipients directly in MarketingPlatform.

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