SMS Marketing

With MarketingPlatform, you have the ability to push messages to your customers and through our SMS editor you can personalize the content of the SMS messages to get the best possible response.

You may think of SMS marketing as an outdated product or an outdated marketing channel, surveys actually show the opposite.
A total of 95% of recipients of SMS marketing open the SMS within 5 minutes.
SMS marketing is an important part of an omnichannel communication strategy, as it is a very effective channel if you need to push a message or campaign out here and now.

Through our SMS editor you can personalize the content of the SMS messages to get the best possible response.

SMS Editor

Personalize your communication by adding data or any contact field you want. This is dynamically merged into your SMS to create the personal contact.

Even if your text message exceeds the 160 character limit, they are still sent without difficulty to your contacts.

We guarantee you 100% delivery of your SMS marketing.

Integrating with e-mail and omnichannel

SMS marketing is part of an integrated omnichannel communication process.

The use of intelligent segmentation and behavioral data ensures that your SMS can either be responded to or answered based on the customer’s action.

Possibilities with SMS marketing

Sending campaigns via SMS may seem limited, since you can only use text and links in the messages you push out. An SMS will therefore never look as elegant as when using Email Marketing.

But the interesting thing about SMS marketing is that people perceive an SMS as important. And in any case, something that is more important than reading an email, as 95% percent of people check their phone within 5 minutes of receiving a text message.

For physical stores, SMS marketing also offers many exciting opportunities. For example, you can use SMS messages to push information about the special events of local stores. You can send behavioral SMS’s that support email campaigns. For example, if we assume that you have sent out a newsletter Thursday about a physical stores offer, you can follow up with an SMS the day after, which can be adapted to the behavior you have shown by clicking in the newsletter the day before.