Marketing Automation is a great tool that can help you push your email marketing to brand new heights. With the help of software, you can automate parts of your marketing process. Gone are the days when you made a simple, static newsletter and sent to customers once a week after spending 5 hours planning and executing the campaign.

Marketing Automation may sound complicated, but in reality, the basic principle is quite simple: With Marketing Automation you can set up automated flows that affect your customers or leads at the right times. And one of the best things about it is that once you have once set up your flows, the automation part will do the rest for you. That is, you continuously generate more and more value for your business without actually lifting a finger.

That doesn’t sound all that bad, right?

Marketing Automation can be used in many different stages of your business. And requires some processing. It takes some time to find out which flows can be set up with the greatest benefit. And over time, you’ll probably find other exciting flows that you can set up in extension or substitute for the existing ones.

Whether your business is B2C, B2B, a public institution or a whole fourth, Marketing Automation can be integrated into your marketing with great advantage.

Below are Marketing Automation examples of how you can use Marketing Automation flows in the various business verticals.


B2C Marketing Automation Examples


Welcome email

One of the most used B2C Marketing Automation flows is the one where you set up a series of welcome emails.

When people have just signed up for your newsletter, it’s about getting started right away, because at this point you know that the recipient of your mails is committed and want to hear from you. You therefore always experience higher open rate, click through rates and conversion rates at this time.

At this time, you have many good options for further warming the person and getting the person converted to a customer. Create a welcome flow where you offer the person free shipping or 10% on the first purchase. You can also use the opportunity to send a range of training emails to the customer, where you introduce your various products and show how they can be used


VIP and reward of loyal customers

You should do something extra for your most loyal customers. Therefore, set up a Marketing Automation flow that rewards those customers who have purchased X number of times within a given period or who have purchased for more than X number of dollars in a given period. Give them access to sales before other customers, or give them 20% on the category they usually buy their products from. When you introduce a brand new to the webshop, you can make sure that VIP customers receive X percent of the discount on the brand if they want to test it.

Examples of scenarios that can trigger VIP status:
– Purchased for X number of dollars
– Have bought X number of times on the webshop
– Have opened and clicked on from your newsletters
– Have bought X number of times via the newsletter


Birthday, anniversary or other

Set up a Marketing Automation flow that automatically sends a birthday greeting to the person on your contact list. Give a voucher for a free gift, give a discount of 20% or offer free shipping. The possibilities are many.

You can also choose to celebrate ‘anniversary’ with the customer, where you automatically send an email with a discount on the next purchase on the 1st year after the customer’s first purchase.



Follow up on sale

Set up a flow where you automatically send an email to a customer when it is time to buy back or when a new version of a product purchased by the customer has arrived.

Examples of flows:

  •  Products like hygiene products, coffee, tea, wine, etc. is typically something that one needs to buy back after a while. Make sure that the customer is automatically reminded of this with links to the products that he or she normally buys
  • The customer has purchased an air conditioner and it is time to service the system or the filter has to be replaced
  • The workshop automatically sends an email when it is summertime and the car should be checked before the trip south
  • The customer has bought a Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile phone, and now Galaxy S10 can be pre-ordered
  • The customer has bought a mobile phone and now a new lightweight wireless charger has arrived for this model


Warm-up of cold customers

One of the most important Marketing Automation B2C flows you should set up is targeting customers who have not purchased for a long time. Gaining new customers is always very expensive, so it’s important to hold on for as long as possible in the customers you have already collected. Send a “We have not heard from you long” or “We miss you” mail and offer a happy discount to get them back as active customer


Ambassador mails

Make a flow where the customer receives a mail 7 days after a purchase asking for the experience of the purchase. Ask the customer to sign up for example. Trustpilot, Pricerunner, Facebook or Google. Or ask the customer if he wants to recommend you to a friend and make a subsequent reward


Abandoned carts and re-targeting

Set up a flow that is triggered if people have left a stuffed shopping basket on the webshop. Send an email that shows the products that the customer has left in the basket. If the customer has not responded after a few days, you can resend the mail and add a voucher. Also, remember to use other re-targeting options in your marketing mix like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.



B2B Marketing Automation Examples

Visit important pages

On a website, you always have webpages that are of higher value than others, which may indicate that the visitor is ready to become a customer. If one fails to follow up on this, the potential customer may be lost forever. Looking at the visitor to pricing pages or some specific product pages, you can set up a flow that further explains these products and how they can provide value to the potential customer.


On-boarding of new customers

For B2B companies it is crucial to have leads that can be converted to customers. And it can be a difficult process; One thing is at all to get leads to sign up on the site, the next one is so real to convert them to customers.

Here’s Marketing Automation is a very valuable tool. Make a flow, where the lead receives a number of mails, explaining how your product works and where there are examples of how to maximize your product as a customer – and how the customer can use the product to its own customers.

The clear advantage here is that you do not necessarily have to dedicate time to making product shows, while at the same time making it easier for you to reach those customers who really request a personal inquiry from your company but would like to sniff a little on your own.



The purpose here is to ‘nurture’ the potential customer. There are several ways to do this, but one of the most popular methods is to make articles around the industry you are in with how-to’s, guides or the like that leads you to perceive you as a “thought leader” that you and your company are some who ‘control the cases’. This gives trust and credibility and may ultimately be what converts the lead to a customer.

As the process progresses, and you build more and more credibility to the lead, you can begin to incorporate more and more sales-based material.



Reduction of Churn Rate

For subscription companies, including SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, it’s incredibly important to hold on to customers for as long as possible. They constitute the entire basis of existence, and of course it is important to hold as many customers as possible. You are talking about the concept of customer churn – So how many customers leave the business. Of course, it is about having as low a churn as possible.

There may be many reasons why a customer wishes to withdraw from a subscription scheme. Maybe they may not use the product, maybe they may not figure out to use it. Maybe they think the product has become too expensive, maybe their focus has shifted to other parts of the business. Regardless, of course you are interested in sticking to all these customers.

Create a Marketing Automation flow where you ask why they want to cancel their subscription so you can see if you can now save them back in the fold.

Also, to ensure a low churn rate is that you are doing nurturing your customers so that you ensure that your customers keep you well in memory and constantly feel confident in the choice of your product.


Reward of brand ambassadors

If you allow existing customers to refer your products to their neighborhood, it is of very high value for your business. Studies have repeatedly shown that recommendations from friends, families or colleagues have a very high credibility value.

Therefore, make a referral option in your emails and make a flow, automatically rewarding those who refer your business to others on their network.

Also, make sure your customers are aware that if they refer your business to others in their network, they will be rewarded with a discount code or something else.

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