FlowBuilder and Automatic Email Marketing Flows in Series

Automatic Flows in MarketingPlatform

MarketingPlatform has developed automatic flows in series, such that the automatic flows respond to previous automatic flows. You usually find these features only in much more expensive solutions. We have developed a new type of automated flow that is in the family with autoresponders and triggers. With the new flows in series, you can create automatic flows based on other automated campaigns.

In a scenario where your customer picks interests in an Updated Profile function. The Update Profile feature is a standard feature in MarketingPlatform that can be added to all emails and automated flows. For example, the customer picks “Swimming” as an interest.
With automatic flows in series, MarketingPlatform will listen to new profiles with “Swimming” as interest (the interest field is just an example, you can add unlimited Contact Fields and include these in your streams). When the specific customer chooses “Swimming”, a pre-set email campaign will be sent.

If the customer opens the campaign, this can trigger a new email – and vice versa if the customer does not open the email, another email can be sent. Or the customer can be added to a different flow entirely. The flow can also be combined with other flows, segments or merge fields and dynamic content.

Flow Builder

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