Speed up Your Financial Sales Funnels Through Email Marketing

In the financial sector, the best marketing channels can be difficult to identify without the use of software that keeps track of traffic and marketing activities. That’s why 49% of companies are now using marketing automation to assist with repetitive marketing tasks such as emails, social media and managing leads.

YOU have been asked to identify and propose a new platform to help with digital marketing in order to maximize and support brand awareness and sales. MarketingPlatform will help your marketing team get all of your outbound marketing campaigns ready on time, build your company brand, and sell new products and services to existing customers – while keeping track of new prospects and generating enough qualified leads for your sales team.

The future of the Financial Sector is automation, and ultimately, moving to outbound marketing is an investment you can’t refuse. It will help your company drive more targeted traffic, attract higher quality leads, and convert more leads into excited customers. We also integrate with 900+ solutions so you get solid performance with minimum effort. 

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All of your recipients are extremely valuable, so make sure to always track and register their behavior in emails, SMS messages and on your website - to ensure a constant stream of relevant and targeted messages so you don’t lose momentum – or start losing business to your competitors. 

LeadScoring will help you focus on the leads that are most likely to become a customer and will keep a dynamically updated list for you – so you can tailor your messaging with pin-point accuracy and win more business.

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One of the biggest benefits of putting MarketingPlatform to work and handle your email marketing is its ability allow your team to make informed decisions and introduce new exciting opportunities for your business. Reward your most engaged customers, re-engage those who are losing interest, remove the contacts you can no longer reach, re-evaluate and optimize your sending schedule and keep improving your relationship with your customers.  

Best of all, the MarketingPlatform contacts database integrates with most CRM systems so your sales team can get the full context of a lead’s history and make intelligent follow-ups.  

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Campaign Builder

 Quickly create email campaigns that has a strong professional look, design and that displays perfectly across devices – all in-house. Save even more time and eliminate the guesswork by choosing from dozens of pre-made templates that are proven to convert. And you can easily customize the templates to match your brand guidelines.

With expertly designed and fully-customizable email templates and over 200,000 licensed images from Pexels, Unsplash and IconFinder, with MarketingPlatform you can deploy professional campaigns in just a few clicks. You can track performance and edit all assets to increase the overall impact.

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Automatic Flows

Automatic flows trigger actions based on recipient’s behavior will provide you with meaningful data about your customer relationships. The lifecycle of your customer is often long, and automatic flows enables you to recognize customer needs and assess their satisfaction levels. With these valuable data, you can develop strategies to overcome any hurdles your customers face, on all touchpoints, which will improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line. 

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Contact Fields

If you are missing the right contact fields and data on your customers, your options for effective targeting are limited. We have made it easy for you to create the specific fields you will need; Bandwidth, serial number, installation date, product name, and any other field you might need. 

Migrating from another platform? Importing data from an Excel-list, your CRM or ERP system? Simply drag and drop your contacts, and the contact fields are populated automatically.

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Benefit from SMS

Mobile has become one of the most personal communication channels. More and more companies are implementing two-way text messaging to improve customer interaction and internal communication. SMS technology in the financial sector can help your company gain a competitive advantage in an over-saturated market.

Besides the obvious use of text messaging for mobile banking, this marketing channel can also be used to notify customers of financial transactions and bank account status. This simple communication tool will allow you to make fast information exchanges and streamline the efforts of your customer care team. What’s better, 95% of all SMS received are opened and read within fives minutes by the recipients!

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In your space, there are some obvious customer segments. If you send out emails that are irrelevant, you end up as unopened email, and worst case in the spam folder. Over time this will lead to customers losing interest in your communication, and eventually in your offerings. Stay close to your customers; engage with them, upsell, cross-sell and keep them up-to date on all the exciting new developments that will make their lives safer, better and more efficient.

What’s more, be creative and make use of publicly released market research, news and mix it with your own product and service offerings to create relevant content for your marketing campaigns.

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Stop wasting your time trying to combine data from disconnected tools and databases. See every detail about a lead, prospect or customer in one profile and view a chronological log of every touchpoint between the contact and you, such as email opens, click-through, content downloads, page visits, social media interactions, and more.

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Go Enterprise

One-to-Many can handle unstructured data from, for example, products, transactions, stores, locations and behaviors. Data that can be retrieved from, APIs and other integrations, an ERP system, another backoffice solution, or the like. The transactional data can also be used in line with the other contact data and the collected behavior, for segmentation and as the trigger for automatic flows. 

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MarketingPlatform has standard integrations for most webshops and CMS platforms. It is easy to integrate both contact data and transactional data such as purchase orders and actions. Use the Connector and connect to an API, write code against our REST API, SDK or use Zapier as the integration hub.

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Social Media Management

Save time by creating a whole month’s worth of social media posts and schedule them accordingly. As a sender you can connect directly to your business’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or blog, and automatically publish the campaigns you select.

Best of all, use our integrated Facebook and LinkedIn Ads to find and target groups of like-minded buyers.

“Being asked to find a replacement to our old system, it was good to find someone with domain knowledge in the finance industry that understood our challenges. Easy to plug into our existing infrastructure. Migrating data was made easy and they were able to convert our templates and campaigns in a few days. No downtime.”
IT Systems Administrator, Financial Institution.

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