The other day one of a customer sent me an email asking why he should use email marketing when his customers engaged much more on Facebook Messenger. I had to look up the statistics – and it surprised me to find that people engage 619% more than email. There is also a cool 1.3 billion people who use Messenger on a daily basis. So, should he go for the powerhouse today that is email marketing, or pick the most exciting marketing channel of tomorrow?

My answer surprised him: reap the benefits of both channels! By combining Facebook Messenger with your email marketing software will generate more money than simply picking one. What it comes down to then, is the context in which you use them. For the purpose of this article I have compiled three things to consider when deciding which areas of your marketing strategy need email marketing, and which need Facebook Messenger.


There should be a motive behind every interaction your company has with someone. All communication should therefore be done with some sort of intent – where it is with a new prospect or a current customer. It is therefore up to you and your marketing goals to determine whether email marketing or Facebook Messenger makes more sense.

In some instances, you and your company has a lot to show and tell. This is why email marketing remains the number one choice for long-form communication. Email marketing therefore wins at sending lengthier messages such as newsletters, special deals, anecdotes, etc., that recipients can store and share for later. Usually though, most email marketing and sales emails do not fall into that channel because of the difference between chatting with someone – and talking at someone.

See, with marketing automation, emails can be tailored to the specific recipients interests and behaviors. However, when these emails reach your inbox, it often feels like they are “talking at you” – which is by no means a negative thing – but Facebook Messenger can help you improve communication to your customers by chatting directly with them if they need a quick answer. So although chatting is better for some companies and not all, it is definitely something to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to incorporate Messenger into your marketing strategy.


Who are you trying to reach? Did your recipients grow up with the internet? If they did, chances are that email was how they stayed up to date with friends and businesses. The trends for younger generations is instant messaging, and is part of a shift where messaging apps have become the activity that takes up most of our screens. So, to be successful at marketing in 2018, you have to find out where users spend most of their time. But then again, it is all about who you are targeting and trying to reach, so while Messenger is a great marketing tool for tomorrow, it may not resonate with your end-users – and vice-versa.

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Email addresses come and go. Student emails are oftentimes only good until after graduation, and work emails are only there until you change jobs. But things like personal email addresses and Facebook IDs are there for a long time. Email marketing and Messenger marketing therefore means that you can engage with someone for a long duration of their life.

Over time by automatically collecting information about prospects and customers – such as behavior, engagement, etc., each and every message can be tailored to make the most out of the emails and IMs you send out. By combining the real-time experience your audience has in messenger with the hyper-personalized emails you are sending out, it is possible to steer them into tailored experiences that will undoubtedly lead to more money generated by your company.


By letting your audience choose how they want to engage with you, it will add value across all of your channels in the short and long-term. There will be groups of your email audience that wants to hear from you, but not in their email inbox. By leveraging both channels, it gives them an option for still staying in touch – just through Messenger – and vice versa some people want to hear from you, just only by email.

Once these relationships have been reestablished, you and your company will see a higher improvement in both open and click-through rates because each message goes to the people in the right channel every time. This will also help you deliverability score.

So, be tasteful and use both together. Push out your content automatically to Facebook via MarketingPlatform, and start reaching your prospects and customers the right way. Use both channels together in tandem where you see value. By combining your marketing efforts through email marketing and Facebook Messenger, you can safely utilize both the powerhouse of today and the most exciting marketing channel of tomorrow.

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