95% of people opens a text message within 5 minutes of it being received. SMS Marketing therefore remains one of the most powerful marketing channels. You can send personalized text messages, merge information directly into links, and many other SMS services are available – which in turn creates the foundation for an exciting and efficient sales strategy.

SMS Marketing Services enables the sending of SMS campaigns to one or more people. Either directly from an application – or as an email from, say, an economy system, a warning monitoring system, or an alarm system. The function is also used for restaurants to send booking confirmations, notifications about take-away – or for utility companies that send out alert messages. MarketingPlatform includes both a dedicated SMS application and a mail2sms service.

Chiptotle takes advantage of this with a simple text message to continuously drive sales:


SMS marketing is an extremely effective marketing channel. Although text messaging is often limited to just text and links, it nonetheless remains effective because the vast majority of people see a text message message as something important – that they to react quickly. Therefore, marketing SMS messages should always be treated with the receiver in mind. Do not send too many texts – no more than 1 per week. Always try to target the message as relevant. Make sure you know why you as a marketing professional must exchange the recipient’s time for relevant content. Without relevance, there will be a high unsubscribe rate.


In terms of occurrence, transactional SMS messages are something completely different. Often, they are sent as a reminder to the recipient regarding a visit, after a visit or as a follow-up to an action.

An example of this could be a toy chain that has a loyalty club where members have a plastic card and earn bonus points after each purchase. The shop’s cash register (POS) sends a message to MarketingPlatform, the message is converted from a call or an email to a text message that hits the recipient’s mobile phone within 2 seconds.

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Combining email marketing and SMS marketing creates some interesting options that enhance each channel. By adding marketing automation, i.e. automated actions, broadcasts and some intelligence – your profit will increase exponentially by your efforts.

It could be a simple welcome flow where recipients sign up by email and receive a series of automated emails that tells them about the community they have registered with (a customer club, a newsletter, a member club, etc.) Then you can send out an “update profile” email where fields such as gender, age, interests, and mobile number are filled out by the recipient.

If the recipient adds a mobile number to their profile, SMS can be used as a marketing channel. Remember either in the original permission release – or by adding the mobile number – to note the consent for receiving SMS marketing.

The Banana Republic does an excellent job of this by tapping into local events that are relevant to the recipient:


The combination of email and SMS can be a great tool in the struggle for the recipient’s attention. But by combining email campaigns sent out on, say, Monday and Thursday – followed by a text message on Friday afternoon – the likelihood of a physical visit is the greatest. This is a fairly sensible execution strategy.

By having the recipients fill out their profile, and having them click and open specific things in your email campaigns, the SMS message will always be perceived as relevant by the recipient. And your store will be in the first one they think about – just at the time when most people move into the physical world to make their purchases.

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