With all of the different digital marketing channels available to the modern marketer, it’s fair to ask, is email marketing still a valuable part of your digital marketing strategy?

Yes, yes, 4400 times, yes!

Everything starts with a good plan – even an online marketing strategy. A plan that takes into consideration the company’s areas of action. A plan that is based on the company’s overall strategy, and in a strategic and tactical way, shows the way towards realization of the areas of action.


The actual online marketing plan

It is important to make the plan palpable. Otherwise, it remains a plan for the sake of the plan. Therefore, the plan must include a daily, weekly and monthly calendar, which outlines the work areas of the department’s employees.

The monthly calendar is obviously more important than the week and day calendar. Conversely, it also contains concrete activities that should be performed on a monthly basis.


New customers or resale

Most companies use more resources to acquire new customers. Online, it is seen that the majority of the budget goes to search engine advertisements, banners and other similar types of advertising activities.

If you know this from your own business, you should review the entire model once more. And try to set a price for a returning customer. When does your business earn money on the customer? Is it at first trade, second or not?

Certainly never if the customer is to be driven with paid channels for a purchase each time.

This is where loyalty-creating activities come into play. And email marketing is the most effective and cost effective solution. “It is what 15 years of online sales has taught me,” says Kim Østergaard, who has founded marketingplatform.com.

US surveys an ROI of email marketing by 1:40 – far beyond other online marketing activities. The closest competitor, search engine optimization, gives the money 22 times again.


To create resale

Loyal customers are what your business will survive on. Without them you will be sent to the abyss, unless your business model is absolutely outstanding.

Loyalty is built by continuously providing more than customers expect. By constantly ensuring consistency between needs and frequency. This is where email marketing is an unrivalled solution. With a contact price that is actually insignificant and a segmentation option down on individual and action level.

Email marketing can increase the frequency of your resale, and by communicating segmented and dialogue-making, discipline can also increase customer loyalty.


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