Each and every recipient of newsletters and text messages leaves a lot of tracks each time they interact with your campaigns emailed with MarketingPlatform.

Traces that combine provide interesting knowledge about each recipient. Knowledge gathered by MarketingPlatform, and made available for future campaigns and automated flows through dynamic content, result in relevant content and dynamic segments.


Recipients build their own profile

As the individual recipient opens and clicks in the submitted campaigns, MarketingPlatform will continuously and securely build a unique profile. This profile can be directly used to target content in each campaign, in external content, automated flows, and forms.

The profile is based on 16 different rules with the help of an algorithm that ensures the correct weighting of the points from the many rules. In all, it gives a relevance score.

“The knowledge will be transformed into better dialogues, increased loyalty and finally a bigger sales for our customers, which spans both the B2C and B2B segment,” says Kim Østergaard, founder of MarketingPlatform.


MarketingPlatform is far from just an email cannon, as it is known from the simple email marketing readings on the market. Or from the freemium solutions several CMS platforms have as an appendix. MarketingPlatform is a real dialogue tool that can listen, learn and follow up. Just learning is central to increasing success with the broadcasts. To ensure optimal use of the opportunities, free webinars are held at least every other week. Webinars are mini-courses settled with an online meeting tool.


The campaigns send themselves

Many marketing managers suffer from limited budgets, with the number of employees most often the result. This means, of course, that fewer heads need to do more tasks. It also calls for intelligent solutions where the marketing mix can advantageously consist of an auto-targeted campaign – along with a handmade, more profile-oriented weekly campaign.

That is why we have created the Resend Automation, which takes a normal campaign, and enables it to send daily on certain weekdays, weekly, every other week, every three weeks, every month, or even lower frequency.


Resend content that changes

Although the campaigns are automatically sent, content may be drowsy without a single employee spending time in MarketingPlatform. This may be because multiple dynamic features can replace the content in relation to the education described at the top of the article. But especially the External Content feature ensures the smooth content.

External Content can retrieve content from as diverse places as facebook pages, Instagram Lookup, RSS feeds from webshops, CMS platforms and, for example, editorial feeds from news sources and the like. Or the content may be from XML feeds that can be born in all kinds of systems.

In plain English, the External Content feature takes content from other systems and allows you to design it completely freely so it matches the style of your newsletter templates, select the content, and make sure it’s up to par when the campaign is broadcast.

Are the features combined to retrieve content and make it dynamic, with the Resend Automation, MarketingPlatform will be able to send automated campaigns, well and at certain times, but only if there are new content in your feeds.


Facts about MarketingPlatform

MarketingPlatform gives you the ability to send intelligent newsletters and SMS campaigns – and sell much more with automated flows. We help more than 10,000 companies with email marketing and marketing automation. We ensure high deliverability, great targeted messages and analyzed campaign results in real time.

Do you represent a Not-for-profit? We’d love to help you – completely free of charge. Read more here.


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