One of the buzzwords you often hear associated with online marketing is Omnichannel Marketing. But what is it really?

Basically, Omnichannel means that you have a strategy in place to offer the same no-frills experience for the customer regardless of channel or device that is being used. That is, whether the customer interacts with your business by visiting your physical address, whether they visit your website, whether they call you, whether they are using your mobile app, whether they visit your social profile, if they read your directory, then the experience must be the same for them. And all the channels must support each other.

It is a matter of seeing the journey through the eyes of the customer and ensuring that it is as smooth and uniform as possible. The purchase experience must, in other words, be tied together in all marketing initiatives, and if the customer changes the channel in contact with your company, the experience must remain the same.

The purchase experience must be tied together in all marketing initiatives

Omnichannel Marketing, Segmentation and Marketing Automation

Here, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation can support your company’s Omnichannel Marketing strategy to ensure the perfect experience for the customer. If you understand your customers well and you are good at collecting data, you will be able to segment customers. And so you can make sure they are hit with the right messages at the very right times, so that the experience is as consistent as when they encounter your communication in other channels. And this is important to give the perfect omnichannel experience. Customers should feel that they are at the center, and the strategy must help to support messages that are targeted and consistent regardless of the interface.

If you understand your customers well and you are good at collecting data, you will be able to segment them and hit them with more targeted messages

The advantage of having full control of your Omnichannel Marketing strategy is that the customer will ultimately reward you because they get a complete and personal experience – and all in all, a better customer experience. It will ultimately mean that the customer is:

  1. Is more likely to re-buy – and maybe more often and more than before
  2. Being maintained and showing increasing loyalty
  3. Is more inclined to act as ambassador to your business and recommend you to others

How to master an Omnichannel Marketing strategy?

There are various disciplines to be mastered to succeed with the Omnichannel Marketing strategy.

1. Identification of customers regardless of channel

In this segment, we can identify and analyze visitors and their behaviour through cookies. When a consumer visits your web site, the data stored in the cookie is sent back to the web site with a history of the consumer’s previous activity on that site. For marketers, these paint a picture of a consumer’s online activity. However, while they deliver some valuable customer data, they’ll never be substantial enough for a full cross-channel experience.

2. Use data and insights as a basis for communication

A match between your advertising efforts on Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is essential and the same is your retargeting and not least segmentation in newsletters, where you, in conjunction with marketing automation flows, can ensure an amazing effect. If you get the right messages on time with the right products, sales can almost be perceived as a service for the customer.

3. Is the customer satisfied?

One thing is to bombard customers constantly, because they appear on retargeting lists. But are you really aware of whether customers are satisfied with the messages they receive and how often they are targeted? Basically, this can be measured by the directly derived sales and parameters as Quality Score in Facebook Ads, but without having a direct dialogue with the customer, it is difficult to read a real success. What if the customer already has all the products you spam them with or that they do not turn on the kind of advertisements you’ve planned in your strategy? When you take action in one channel, how does it affect the other channels and customer lifetime value (CLV)?

4. Omnichannel anchorage

Getting all the parts of a company on an overall Omnichannel experience and Omnichannel Marketing strategy is very difficult – and the bigger the business, the greater the challenge. But it can be done and those who ensure a poll and targeting internally on all parameters will be the companies that end up winning. In particular, companies with franchise structures can be challenged unless, from the outset, strategies and contracts have ensured completely uniform lines. There may be conflicts of interest in franchise-based companies that can be difficult to solve, which can take many years to overcome.

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Omnichannel Marketing – MarketingPlatform

Email Marketing, Segmentation of Customer Groups, and Marketing Automation are only a very small part of the larger image when we talk about Omnichannel Marketing, but the special segmentation can also help boost your business towards the complete customer experience that will be felt on the bottom line. Customers are today bombarded with advertisements and those who manage to target the communication with personal messages and recommendations will win in the long run.

Those who manage to target the communication with personal messages and recommendations will win in the long run

Although an analysis of the data may show that your other traffic channels account for the majority of conversions, keep in mind that emails are often the first interaction with the customer in the purchase. Therefore, use data as assistive conversions in Google Analytics to evaluate the overall impact of the email marketing section in your marketing strategy.

A perfectly segmented email tied together with personal components can provide powerful conversions and help complete your Omnichannel experience for customers.

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