Once upon a time, the tailor not only knew his clients by their first name – he could also customize a perfect set of clothing for them drawing purely from memory. At the turn of the 20th century, new technological advances such as radio and television spawned a whole new way for companies to connect and communicate with their customers.

Since then, customer relations have shifted drastically.

Newsletters are the world’s most effective marketing channel. This is proven by several studies, and it is something retailers and online store have been aware of for a long time. In fact, newsletters are twice as effective as SEM and SEO because they are a great way to communicate with target audience members, thus providing the personal touch.


It is important to be consistent across your marketing channels. The number of these channels vary from one company to another, with some companies using only one sales channel, while others utilize the multi-channel strategy. The majority use more marketing channels – generally divided between online and offline marketing.

Offline marketing is the more traditional channels consisting of different types of ads, brochures, flyers and the like. It is important to be accurate in the timing and messaging between your offline and online channels. Oftentimes, online marketing is a finalization of an offline marketing plan.

Online marketing often provides more deadlines, which is why the need for automation is high. MarketingPlatform strives to be the preferred cross-channel marketing tool for value-added online marketing. This means that we aim to cross publish to more marketing channels.


Too many companies do not utilize the collected data sensibly. Consequently, great knowledge is lost, and much optimization is never made. Of course, it goes without saying, that knowledge about customers, prospects, and their behavior is never translated into intelligent marketing or follow-up.

It is therefore about engaging the recipients through customized messages. By doing this, people will buy from you time and time again. By utilizing both social media and newsletters, it takes the number of buyers from, say, 0.1% to 0.5% on average. This makes a huge difference on the bottom line.

To meet the growing cross-publication and cross-channel consistency, MarketingPlatform has been developed to automatically publish email campaigns to Facebook and Twitter. It may not seem like a big thing, but if companies forget to send out posted newsletters, they miss out on great awareness or revenue – or both.

The automatic publication to the social media also takes care of another practical aspect. It is also possible set your newsletter to be sent out at your desired time – e.g. early morning.

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Stores have gotten bigger, production has moved away from the customers and shops and have become self-service solutions. All because consumers wanted a larger selection of products.

The same story can be written for many other industries where the goods are now far away from the customers, located in large factories with huge sales channels. The specialty food stores have become giant supermarkets that include both a butcher and a baker. Marketing has therefore become a necessity in order to listen and target the messages to the individual.

To be able to participate in qualitative dialogue, it requires knowledge about the consumers. This knowledge must continuously be picked up by the email marketing tool based on the current and accumulated behavior of the recipients in, for example, e-commerce shops and social media. As a marketing professional, you should easily be able to set up flows that are based on the individual consumer, using the knowledge given in the different platforms.

In other words, data and the right email marketing tool can target communication to huge amounts of recipients – as if the company had a personal relationship to each individual recipient. Exactly like the tailor did.

Marketing is therefore about mastering multiple channels simultaneously, and communicating individually to large amounts of recipients.

Unfortunately, lots of companies are still sending the same email to all recipients as opposed to sending out targeted campaigns.

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